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Haunted Dorm

Haunted Dorm Mod APK v1.7.3 (Unlimited Money/Energy/Gems)

techzapk May 21, 2024

Haunted Dorm MOD APK will bring you dorm game with horror scenery. So game will let you build defense system to manage economy against soul.

Name Haunted Dorm
Updated 2024-01-26
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 1.7.3
Size 45 MB
MOD Unlimited Money/Energy/Gems
Category Strategy
Developer Mihuan
Price Free
Google Play Link

Haunted Dorm MOD APK - Dive into horror space exploration game in the dormitory

Haunted Dorm MOD APK is game developed with survival horror genre called Haunted Dorm. You will be placed in haunted dormitory in game where you must fight scary creature survive. In game especially MOD version give you unlimited money and unlimited diamond. Will open up thrill adventure that you should explore.

Haunted Dorm MOD APK

Introducing game Haunted Dorm MOD APK

Haunted Dorm MOD APK is game that combine adventure and horror. In game, player will must face evil force and try survive night in haunted dormitory. Experience challenge horror with animated 2D graphic brought by game. 

Protect yourself, you need lock your door and increase security measure in your room. Will be tense and excite survival game. Assist you in engage not only scary situation but also manage resource fight and survive.

Highlights in game Haunted Dorm MOD APK

Game mechanic and goal

In haunted dorm you live with 5 other people. If you win against hunter, you will earn more coin buy high tech weapon. You want protect your dream from dream hunter and escape from horrifying nightmare. Haunted Dorm MOD APK unlimited gold may be enter berserk state, create more damage and have ability to penetrate your dormitory door.

Select bedroom and optimize imported equipment

After enter room, player need close door to avoid being direct attack by hunter. Every night, you only have 30 second choose bedroom before hunter appear. You should choose well located, neat bedroom and upgrade bed to generate more money. Alway be will collect triple data when use camera to observe other player.

Haunted Dorm MOD Menu

Main features in game Haunted Dorm MOD Menu

Puzzle and challenge

Please help increase fun and difficulty of game. Progress further in game, you need find object and trick solve puzzle. In Haunted Dorm MOD APK, you will must face challenge and puzzle that require concentration and dexterity.

Communicate with character

Haunted Dorm MOD APK unlimited money give you ability to interact with character in game. Interaction and fun will be created for player. You may be research more about them to discover their story and get important hint progress further in game.

Explore terrifying night

Haunted Dorm MOD APK unlimited money and energy has one of main feature of explore haunted dorm room. You will experience scary space and discover mystery hidden behind it. At that time, player will explore room search for important item. Gaming will take you on tense and thrill adventured.

Play in multiplayer mode

Haunted Dorm MOD APK unlimited money and gems create fun and social interactive experience through multiplayer mode. You may be connect with friend and join haunted adventure here. You may be chat and cooperate with each other to explore haunted dorm room and find out it mystery.

Haunted Dorm MOD APK unlimited gold

Useful tips in game Haunted Dorm MOD APK

  • Hide in room: Survive, you just need hide in that room behind door. Do not wander in hallway.
  • Upgraded weapon: You needs upgraded door in room deal with attack of aggressive ghost. Ensured safe while make money while sleep.
  • Chooses good bed: Remember pay for better bed feel comfortable when sleep.
  • High FPS mode: By provide high FPS mode, player will no longer must worry about screen tear and stutter dure tough battle.

Advantages and disadvantages in the game Haunted Dorm MOD APK


  • 2D graphic are very unique but equally dark, create truly creepy atmosphere.
  • Ability to upgrade and refine your room with variety of item and trap fend off evil force.
  • When you sleep in your room, you may be play game with AI player and upgrade item in diverse and interest gameplay.


  • MOD helping player upgrade defense tower no having to wait earn money.
  • You may be adjust ability index make them easier or harder.

Haunted Dorm MOD APK unlimited money


Haunted Dorm MOD APK is unique and engage horror game overall. As you explore haunted dorm room, you will experience tense and thrill moment. Remember share article with your friend so they may be also experience horror game. Download Haunted Dorm MOD APK unlimited money and gems for free today and challenge yourself in game.

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