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GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories APK Mod v2.4.298 (Unlimited money)

Dec 17, 2022

GTA: Liberty City Stories APK must be no stranger to gamers who love the adventure genre, right? With attractive gameplay, the battles between the underground mafia forces will bring you the best experience. This is a game exclusively for Android and is completely free. So don't forget to download and test it right now.

Name GTA: Liberty City Stories
Updated 2024-02-27
Compatible with 9 and up
Last version 2.4.298
Size 51M
MOD Unlimited money
Category Adventure
Developer Rockstar Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

Learn about GTA: Liberty City Stories APK

GTA: Liberty City Stories APK is an adventure game about the fascinating and fascinating underground Mafia world. This is a game released to follow the success of the previous series that have been very successful. Therefore, since the appearance of GTA: Liberty City Stories APK, it has quickly attracted gamers around the world.

Fascinating plot

The plot of the game GTA liberty city stories mod APK is extremely attractive. The content tells about the main character, Toni Cipriani, who accidentally killed a man. When returning to his hometown Toni gets involved in a war between the clans to compete for power. There are many problems here: greed, drugs, and loss of morality.

Although just a game, GTA liberty city stories APK android has honestly reflected many problems in society. A brutal reality between good and evil. During the game, you will be taken from one surprise to another. With attractive content, GTA liberty city stories APK android promises to bring the best experience to customers, suitable for high-class gamers.

How to play differently

Not only is it attractive content but the gameplay of GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod APK is also very different. All game content is set in an open world environment and is played from a 3rd personal perspective. You will be able to go from one location to another like exploring a map.

What's included in GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod APK?

It is no coincidence that GTA: Liberty City Stories APK has become outstanding and different from all the games. GTA: Liberty City Stories APK possesses the following outstanding advantages:

Open map design

GTA: Liberty City Stories APK has an open map design, players can experience from a unique 3rd person perspective. Very few games today apply this gameplay.

In addition, another attraction of GTA: Liberty City Stories APK is that players can observe and monitor every scene in the game through the camera. This feature increases the drama and appeal of the game.

Featured character system

GTA: Liberty City Stories APK owns an outstanding character system with a variety of character routes. Each character in the game will have different advantages, all possessing strong combat abilities.

When participating in combat in the game, the character will be provided with many other weapons such as guns, knives, swords, and grenades, ... To win and gain an advantage over the enemy, you need to upgrade your weapons. 

Complete tasks and show bravery

To upgrade weapons, and quickly win, players need to complete the tasks that the system assigns. Each mission will have different difficulty levels, in the game, there are more than 10 missions that you need to overcome.

To overcome the challenge and become the ultimate winner, you need to show your bravery. Be strong and determined to face any challenge.

Graphics and sound effects

GTA: Liberty City Stories APK 2022 is improved and upgraded not only in gameplay but also in graphic design and sound of the game. With sharp images, top 3D graphics bring the most realistic frames for players. The context is meticulously invested, and detailed like you are really experiencing in the real mafia world.

Because it is an adventure and action game, the overview of the visual design of GTA: Liberty City Stories Mod APK will have strong, dusty colors true to the underworld.

Not only the image but also the sound of the game is also vivid and strangely realistic. The moves, gunfire, and weapons are all very real to create excitement for players.

Features of GTA: Liberty City Stories APK

In GTA: Liberty City Stories APK has the following outstanding features:

  • Free shopping
  • Compatible with all types of GPUs.
  • Support Android 9.0.
  • Stable access, not out in the middle. You will not be interrupted to experience and bring really great moments
  • More accurate aiming options.
  • Unlimited playtime, feel free to play whenever you want
  • Does not contain ads
  • However, to be able to experience this game, when GTA liberty city stories APK obb download your device needs to satisfy the configuration requirements. Specifically, it is:

Configuration required

Android 4.0+.

Version: v2.3.

APK size: 51MB.

DATA: 911MB.

Completely free. However, in order not to affect the device, make sure that you are downloading the link from a reputable 3rd address.

GTA liberty city stories APK is an attractive game that you should not miss this summer. With unique gameplay, you will not feel bored while playing. If you are using Android, what are you waiting for without downloading and experiencing it right away? Note that you should only download from reputable addresses to ensure the device is always safe. Hopefully, a few minutes of staying on this article has brought readers more interesting knowledge.

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