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Granny 5 Time To Wake Up

Granny 5 Time To Wake Up APK v1.1 (Unlocked All, Android Game)

SeoAdam Sep 24, 2023

Granny 5 Time To Wake Up APK is a game starring a scary old lady who scares you while you sleep.

Name Evil granny 5: time to wake up
Updated 2023-08-27
Compatible with 7.1 and up
Last version 1.1
Size 105 MB
MOD Unlocked All, Android Game
Category Role Playing
Developer ScoreTech
Price Free
Google Play Link

Granny 5 Time To Wake Up APK | A Haunting Dive into Puzzles, Stealth, and Survival

Are you a fan of heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat horror games? Then you won't want to miss Granny 5 Time To Wake Up APK. This escape game isn't just another run-of-the-mill app; it's a five-day adrenaline rush where your wits are your best weapon. Imagine waking up in a strange, dark room with no idea how you got there. Sounds scary, right? Now add a menacing Granny who doesn't want you to leave. The stakes have never been higher.

Granny 5 Time To Wake Up APK

Setting the Scene: The Game's Premise

Okay, picture this. You open your eyes and find yourself in an unfamiliar room. It's creepy. It's dark. And worst of all? You have no clue how you got there. But there's no time to ponder; you've got puzzles to solve.

Your primary mission is to figure your way out of this eerie house within five days. Why five days? Let's just say Granny isn't the kind of host who lets her guests overstay their welcome.

And speaking of Granny, she's not your average cookie-baking, sweater-knitting grandma. This Granny is sinister. She's lurking around, and she doesn't want you to escape. Every creak you hear, every shadow you see, could be her. So, tip-toeing and solving puzzles become your new best friends.

Diving into the Game's Features

Unlockable Content

One of the coolest parts about this game is the stuff you can unlock. Imagine solving a tough puzzle and getting rewarded with a new, even more, puzzling level. Or how about changing Granny's look? Yup, you can switch up hairstyles, and clothes, and even add some quirky decorations. It adds a fun twist to an already intense game.

User-friendly Controls

Granny 5 Time To Wake Up APK Download

Ever played a game with terrible controls? Frustrating, right? Thankfully, Granny 5 Time To Wake Up APK Download offers intuitive controls that make navigating the game a breeze. Simple swipes and taps get the job done, helping you avoid Granny and solve puzzles faster. It's a game that's easy to pick up but hard to put down.

Diverse Puzzles

Don't expect to breeze through this game. The puzzles in Granny 5 Time To Wake Up will challenge not just your reflexes but also your noggin. They range from simple guessing games to complex logic puzzles that will make you think twice—or three times—before making a move. No two puzzles are the same, giving you a fresh challenge at every turn.

Character Variety

You'd think Granny would be the only terrifying character, right? As you progress, you'll encounter characters that are young, old, and everywhere in between. Each comes with their own set of challenges. 

Stellar Graphics

Good graphics can make or break a game. And in this one, you're in for a treat. Granny 5 APK Download offers high-definition 3D models that are as detailed as they are eerie. You'll find yourself engrossed in the game's visual appeal, almost forgetting that you're in a race against time.

Engrossing Gameplay Dynamics

Granny 5 APK Download

The game adopts a top-down perspective, offering you a fuller view of your surroundings. You get to see more, do more, and—hopefully—escape more. And let's not forget the sound. The game's soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful, adding another layer to an already intense experience.

Additional Highlights of the Game

Adapting to the Dynamic Day-Night Cycle

Remember when I mentioned you have five days to escape? Granny 5 Time To Wake Up 1.2 introduces a dynamic day-night cycle that spices things up. During the day, you might find Granny a bit less vigilant, giving you a better shot at solving some puzzles. But when night falls, oh boy, she turns into your worst nightmare. Better strategize based on the time of day if you're aiming to leave this haunted house.

Multiplayer Mode

If you think escaping Granny alone is fun, try doing it with friends! The latest version lets you partner up or even compete in a twisted game of cat and mouse. Imagine teaming up to solve puzzles faster or, for a change, being the Granny who's after your friends. 

The Challenge of Sound in the Game

Granny has an acute sense of hearing. Drop something, make a loud noise, and you're done for. The sound mechanics in Granny 5 1.2 Download aren't just an added feature; they're a core part of gameplay. You'll be tiptoeing around, holding your breath with every move you make. Let's just say it adds a new level of anxiety to an already nerve-wracking game.

Safe Spots in the House

You can't be on the run all the time; you'll need to rest. And guess what? Even in a creepy house like this, there are hiding spots. We're talking about wardrobes, beds, and the like. These become your mini-sanctuaries, your breather spots, as you dodge Granny. Knowing when and where to hide is key to survival.

Exploring the World of Super Granny

Ever thought you'd hear the word 'Super' before 'Granny'? If the terror of escaping isn’t your cup of tea, meet Super Granny—a light-hearted twist in this universe. Unlike the horror-filled rooms of the main game, Super Granny embarks on a cute yet daring quest to save her adorable feline companions from a rather clumsy villain.

Granny 5 Time To Wake Up 1.2

Mechanics and Gameplay of Super Granny

If you're a fan of old-school platformers, you're going to love this. With retro vibes, Super Granny jumps, dodges, and solves puzzles, all for the love of her kitties. The controls are intuitive, making it an easy switch if you've been engrossed in the main game. It offers just the right mix of challenge and fun to keep you engaged.


If you've stuck around, I bet you're itching to try Granny 5 Time To Wake Up APK Latest Version. Whether you're planning a solo escape or teaming up with friends, it's a gripping experience. From puzzles that test your wit to sound mechanics that get your heart racing, this is one game you won't want to put down. And if you're looking for a breather, Super Granny offers a delightful change of pace. So, are you ready for an unforgettable gaming adventure?

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