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Frozen City

Frozen City Mod APK v1.0.10 (Unlimited money and gems)

Feb 17, 2023
Frozen City

Download Frozen City Mod APK Unlimited wood Latest version and find creative ways to survive in a frozen & harsh world. It is a mind-engaging building gameplay with crisp visuals.

Game and App Info.
Name Frozen City
Updated 2023-02-24
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 1.0.10
Size 365.96 MB
MOD Unlimited money and gems
Category Simulation
Developer Century Games Pte. Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview - Frozen City Mod APK

A virtual reality game Frozen City Mod APK free shopping lets players explore an Arctic terrain with its own special difficulties. This game offers something for everyone, including helping stranded residents and fending against ice creatures, as well as collecting crystals and learning mysteries. Discover more about Frozen City Mod APK for android and the reasons it's swiftly rising to the top of the virtual reality game rankings by reading on.

frozen city mod apk 2

An ice and snow apocalypse transformed a formerly prosperous continent into a frozen wasteland. The winter is characterized by extremely low temperatures and a harsh, hostile environment. As a result, those who live there are fighting for their lives. 

You must move quickly to gather materials, produce tools, and build shelters if you want to endure the cold. Because the slightest mistake could result in your death, you must exercise utmost caution. The Frozen City Mod APK unlimited everything also puts a test on your managerial skills as you have to run a small community of fellow survivors. You'll need to delegate duties, make choices, and ensure that everyone is nourished and secure.

Increase the number of survivors and create more towns to draw in more. Make use of every tool at your disposal to convert this region to farmland. Players are required to give detailed instructions to locals on how to get resources, explore natural regions, meet requirements, etc.

Place the survivors in various jobs, such as workers, hunters, cooks, etc. Keep track of the survivors' health and luck statistics. 

Features - Frozen City Mod APK no ads

Discover the wildlife in the ice

frozen city mod apk download

The ability to discover creatures in the ice is one of the best features of Frozen City Mod APK free download. Penguins, polar bears, and other creatures can all be seen in their native environments. It's an excellent method to discover more about these creatures and their ecosystem.

Obtain new heroes

Players must first finish the tutorial in order to unlock new characters in the Frozen City Mod APK unlimited money and gems. Players will get access to the world map once the tutorial is finished. There are numerous icons on the global map that stand in for distinct regions. Players must traverse these locations and carry out the necessary duties in order to unlock new heroes. While some of these jobs may only demand finding a certain object, others may call for defeating adversaries. A new hero will become available for usage in following gaming if all tasks in a certain location have been performed.

Rebuild city

The once-vibrant metropolis was in ruins following the Great War. For your people, you must rebuild it! This is a difficult task, but with some effort and resolve, you can transform your city into the finest it can be.

The terrain is covered in rubble and debris, which must be removed. New structures and roads can then be constructed. Plan carefully to make your city functional and simple to explore.

frozen city mod apk latest version

Ensure that your folks' needs are met. They will require a location to work, live, and play. They'll be devoted subjects and will be happy to assist you in protecting your city from potential attacks if you can build them a prosperous city in Frozen City Mod APK free purchase.

Manage settlement

In addition to simply surviving, you will also need to care for a small village of survivors. Individuals must be given tasks depending on their distinct skills and abilities. For success, you'll need to think quickly on your feet and foresee issues before they arise.

Achieve balance

You must strike a balance between people's needs, production, and happiness in this Frozen City Mod APK unlimited diamonds. You won't succeed if any of these are ignored. You must retain command over every aspect of your colony if you want to guarantee the survival of your inhabitants.


frozen city mod apk unlimited money

Download the Frozen City Mod APK latest version to test your survival skills in the frozen wasteland if you enjoy playing survival games. It has excellent graphics, simple gameplay, and a ton of materials to assist you in creating the ideal settlement.

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