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Forbidden Playground

Forbidden Playground APK v1.2.0 (Mediafıre)

Feb 07, 2023
Forbidden Playground

Download Forbidden Playground APK latest version, this is the current attractive simulation game with the appearance of a very beautiful girl with charm. Wish you happy gaming!

Game and App Info.
Name Forbidden Playground
Updated 2023-02-07
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.2.0
Size 58 MB
MOD Mediafıre
Category Simulation
Developer Uncanny Salad
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview - Forbidden Playground APK

I'd like to use this chance to introduce you to Forbidden Playground APK, a 2D adventure game with a unique plot and a number of gameplay elements that give this well-liked mobile title energy and variety.

An amazing and entertaining game app from software developers, Forbidden Playground APK android explores the hilarious and sensual sides of human existence. For anyone who enjoys playing free Android games and is interested in trying out a dating simulation game, the game we will show you today will be a real pleasure. 

The game's basic premise is similar to that of other communication games, in which you must engage in conversation with a beautiful woman in order to gain her favor. You must conquer a variety of challenges in this roleplaying game, which is situated in a forest, in order to advance the plot. 

We can select from a variety of dialogue options as part of the game, and these decisions affect how the game's plot develops. You will lose the game coins since you won't be able to earn them if you can't get beyond these challenges.

Your goal in Forbidden Playground is to do everything in your power to win the heart of a wonderful woman who will be there waiting for you with open arms. Above all else, talking to her is the finest way to entice her. You will need to choose from a variety of discussion options in order to get the right answers and convince her to spend an endless supply of special moments with you. Unlocking all of the various scenarios in Forbidden Playground will be a lot of fun.

If you lose all of your coins, the game will end, and you will need to start over from the very beginning. There are APKs for Forbidden Playground that will give you limitless coins and unlock the whole game, preventing you from having to replay stages to accumulate more coins or from running out of them in the future. 

As the player makes their way through the jungle, the plot will become clearer thanks to windows and narrative bubbles that will describe everything that happens to your character, as well as the kinds of dialogue you can choose from and how your decisions will affect the course of the game later on.

Features - Forbidden Playground APK


The action in this role-playing Forbidden Playground APK android for android takes place in a forest, where you must conquer a number of obstacles. A range of dialogue options are available to you, and your selections will influence how the plot develops. You will forfeit your game currency if you fail these challenges.

Win the heart of the wonderful woman

You need to win the heart of the wonderful woman who is waiting for you in the Forbidden Playground APK latest version with her arms open. The best method to woo her is, above all, to talk with her. In order to get the right answers and persuade her to spend an endless amount of special moments with you, you will have to choose from a variety of dialogue options throughout this chat. It will be a lot of fun to play Forbidden Playground.

Jungle adventure

In this jungle adventure, your super mission is to sprint through the jungle while being careful to avoid obstacles, because if you have any mishaps with them, you'll lose your money and have to give up the journey. Periodically, you must go to the game's sage in his incredibly old house in the forest and ask him what he desires from the forbidden land's forested area.

No worry about time

Since it takes a high level of intelligence to complete this hidden jungle adventure Forbidden Playground APK 2023, time is not an issue in this adventure. Recall that your strength is also based on how many coins you amass.

Super vision

Super Vision is a revolutionary lens that has just been launched. Because not all barriers are known, you must be very astute to take them into account.

Learn about a forbidden jungle adventure and develop into a jungle hero in this fantastic jungle setting. You may leap, run, and bash your way across many unnatural platforms in this action-packed jungle Forbidden Playground APK mediafire.


You must make a new account as soon as you launch Forbidden Playground APK free download, a mobile RPG and adventure game. This is where the main narrative occurs, after which you can explore the forest's mysteries and attempt to flee by figuring out challenging puzzles that will put your wits to the test.

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