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Food Fighter Clicker

Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK v1.10.0 (Mirror)

Feb 07, 2023
Food Fighter Clicker

Download Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK Unlimited money, gems Latest version for a lively eating mukbang. You will have different types of foods and lots of unique abilities.

Game and App Info.
Name Food Fighter Clicker Games
Updated 2023-01-23
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.10.0
Size 121.97 MB
MOD Mirror
Category Simulation
Developer Newry
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview - Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK

The casual game Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK is quite intriguing. The game's characters are first and foremost really adorable. Second, this game's gameplay is really intriguing. All that the players need to do is keep eating. After consuming a particular amount of food, players can improve and earn money. 

Players can pay money to enhance characters, allowing the game's main character to consume food more quickly. However, a lot of players discover that upgrading costs a lot of gold coins. Many gamers lack sufficient funds.

food fighter clicker mod apk 

Mukbangs are concepts of people eating a lot of food at once and posting several compliments about how good it is. However, in order to advance in the Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK mirror and earn money from eating a lot of food, players must consume as much food as they can.

Food Fighter Clicker's gameplay is fairly straightforward. The character can eat by being given a tap on the screen. Clicking on the head will cause the character to chew. Additionally, players can click on the stomach to allow the character to digest.

Features - Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK

Eat until you are full

To become the beloved mukbang idol in Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK free shopping, the main character, or player, must consume food nonstop. players can only consume a little amount of food at the beginning, which leads to less revenue being generated. over time, they develop the capacity to eat a variety of foods at once, establish a variety of fun competitions for themselves, and engage in Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK unlimited money and gems.

Personalize and update the room

food fighter clicker mod apk download

The player's room was outdated at the beginning of mukbang's career, so they needed to improve everything for a better dining experience in Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK unlimited diamond. although the technique for decorating rooms is straightforward, it is expensive and offers a wide range of appealing tweaks or alternatives that encourage players to be more imaginative. some room layouts can even considerably increase the character's output of food.

A variety of cosplay and theme

A large number of players will be available in Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK unlocked everything so that you can create minigames that feature regional specialties or traditional attire. additionally, mukbang categories can be completely changed or selected by the player, resulting in increased views and income. the character's interactions and effects with food are likewise varied, highlighting the distinctive aspects of each tradition.

Small but entertaining actions

Players must keep tapping the screen in order to make the character eat more quickly than usual in order to earn money. However slowly and with little advantage to the user, the central protagonist can automatically eat. In exchange, they can also automatically alter the dish or use a variety of upgrade systems for themselves in Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK unlimited gems and coins. The player can make use of the time to finish other systems or game content based on the base feed rate.

Special tasks and activities

food fighter clicker mod apk unlimited money and gems

Mukbang is a game where eating is a struggle, thus there will be lots of games and challenges for players to enjoy. Although the mukbang content is entirely arbitrary, they occasionally come up with original challenges that their followers or fans take up. Future mukbang events will become more intricate and distinctive, presenting players with a wealth of worthwhile chances.

Food Fighter Clicker max level is a straightforward game that centers on mukbang material, but it has a lot of promise for helping players unwind. The range of outfits and customizations, which demonstrate the game's seriousness and concern for some of the traditional customs of well-known foods, is what makes them amusing.

Constant improvement to eating faster

The food fighter clicker is fascinating because players can use the upgrading system to make the character eat more quickly or overall. to eat a substantial meal, players must spend money upgrading abilities like chewing speed, chewing power, and mouth size. the worth of the dishes will gradually rise with time, making it harder for the player to finish them in the allocated time.


Enjoy the little tests of your eating prowess in Food Fighter Clicker free download. Its offline interface allows you to access all of its features without an internet connection. Both online and offline user interfaces are supported.

food fighter clicker mod apk versi terbaru

Download Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK for android and you will be comfortable with how it works and how it is structured.

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