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Facetune AI

Facetune AI Mod APK v2.28.0.4-free (VIP, Premium Unlocked, Without Watermark)

Nov 30, 2023

Facetune AI Mod APK transforms your photos with ease perfect skin, and vibrant effects.

Name Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor
Updated 2023-12-07
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version
Size 225 MB
MOD VIP, Premium Unlocked, Without Watermark
Category Photography
Developer Lightricks Ltd.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Facetune AI Mod APK Unleashed | Transform Your Photos Seamlessly with Innovative Features and User-Friendly Magic

Welcome to the era of flawless photos, where image editing isn't just a hobby but a means to present our best selves to the world. In the vast landscape of photo editing apps, one name stands out — Facetune AI Mod APK. Today, we will dive into what makes this app a recreation-changer for all and sundry looking to add a hint of magic to their photographs.

Facetune AI Mod APK

Overview of Facetune AI

Facetune AI is not simply any other photograph-enhancing app; it's a versatile tool designed for users of all levels. Whether you are a social media fanatic or a person who needs their non-public images to shine, Facetune AI Mod APK Without Watermark has given you coverage. It's now not pretty much filters; it is about bringing out the satisfaction in each picture.

Attractive Points of Facetune AI Photo video Editor Mod APK

What sets Facetune AI apart are the diverse needs it caters to. It's not confined to a singular purpose; instead, it offers a comprehensive photo-editing experience. So whether you're aiming for professional-level enhancements or just want a quick touch-up, Facetune AI adapts to your requirements seamlessly.

Attractive Features of Facetune AI Mod APK Premium Unlocked

Retouching for Perfect Skin

Imagine an app that acts as your personal beauty expert. Facetune AI’s retouch feature does just that. It's not approximately changing who you are; it is approximately improving your natural splendor. This device allows you to regulate factors you might not want on your face, making sure that your pores and skin appear brighter and ideal.

Proportional Adjustment

Facial proportions matter, and Facetune AI Mod APK VIP Unlocked understands that. With the face and reshape features, you have the power to customize different parts of your face. From scaling to choosing the right size for each element, it's about putting the control in your hands. Want to highlight your eyes or redefine your jawline? It's just a click away.

Facetune AI Photo video Editor Mod APK

Color Enhancement and Filters

The real magic happens when you bring color to your photos. Facetune AI offers a seamless experience in adjusting general and color elements. The color-changing slider is a user's dream — slide, and the color immediately transforms. But it's not just about sliders; it's about a myriad of filters at your disposal.  These filters are not simply preset; they are a journey into a global of opportunities, allowing you to create pics that resonate with your fashion.

Social Media Ready

Facetune AI doesn't just stop at editing; it's about sharing your masterpieces effortlessly. Once you've given your photos the perfect touch, sharing them on your favorite social networks becomes a breeze. But it's not just about sharing the same old pictures. Facetune AI introduces features like neon effects, elevating your photos to a level that demands attention.

Actual Experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of Download Facetune AI Mod APK Latest Version

User Reviews on

To provide a holistic view, let's tap into the user community on

Review 1: "Facetune AI has transformed how I see photo editing. The retouching feature is like a magic wand for imperfections, and the color enhancement tools give my photos a vibrancy that's hard to find elsewhere. The social media-ready aspect is a game-changer for someone like me who loves sharing their creations. A definite thumbs up!"

Review 2: "As a newbie to photo editing, Facetune AI made the process surprisingly easy. The proportional adjustment features let me experiment without feeling overwhelmed. The filters are diverse, and the neon effects add a fun touch. However, I wish there were more free filters available. Overall, a solid app for enhancing selfies."

Review 3: "Being a content creator, I rely on photo editing apps, and Facetune AI has become my go-to. The retouching capabilities are unmatched, and the shareability is fantastic. But, it can be a bit heavy on system resources, slowing down my older phone. Still, the advantages far outweigh this minor hiccup."

Facetune AI App Mod APK


Facetune AI boasts an array of advantages that make it a standout choice in the world of photo editing.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigating Facetune AI is a breeze, making it accessible for beginners and seasoned editors alike.

  • Versatile Proportional Adjustment: The face and reshape features offer unparalleled control, allowing users to customize and highlight facial elements effortlessly.

  • Color Enhancement Magic: The color-changing slider simplifies the process of adjusting colors, and the extensive filter options provide endless creative possibilities.

  • Effortless Social Sharing: With Facetune AI, sharing your edited photos on social media is seamless, enhancing your digital presence with a touch of creativity.

  • Innovative Features like Neon Effects: The addition of neon effects sets Facetune AI apart, allowing users to infuse their photos with a trendy and unique vibe.


While Facetune AI excels in various aspects, it's crucial to acknowledge a few drawbacks.

  • Resource Intensiveness: Some users on older devices reported that Facetune AI can be resource-intensive, potentially causing a slowdown.

  • Limited Free Filter Options: Users have expressed a desire for more free filter options, as the current variety, while extensive, may not fully cater to everyone's preferences.

  • Learning Curve for Extensive Features: Given its robust feature set, users may experience a slight learning curve, especially if they are new to extensive photo editing.

Compare with Other Apps

Facetune AI App Mod APK doesn't operate in isolation; it's part of a dynamic landscape of photo editing apps. Let's briefly compare it with some of its counterparts.

While apps like Snapseed offer powerful editing capabilities, Facetune AI stands out for its user-friendly interface and specialized features for facial enhancement. Against beauty-focused apps like BeautyPlus, Facetune AI offers a broader range of editing tools, making it a versatile choice.

In essence, Facetune AI strikes a balance, offering professional-grade features without compromising on accessibility.

Download Facetune AI Mod APK Latest Version


In the realm of photo editing, where every pixel matters, Facetune AI Mod APK emerges as a standout companion. Its user-friendly interface and diverse features cater to both beginners and experienced editors. The advantages, from flawless retouching to vibrant color enhancements, showcase its prowess.

While resource intensiveness and limited free filter options are noted, the innovative features and seamless social sharing make Facetune AI a go-to choice for many. It's not just an app; it's a creative ally, turning ordinary photos into extraordinary expressions.

So, if you're on a quest for an intuitive and powerful photo editor, download the latest version of Facetune AI and let your creativity shine. Unleash the artist in you, one edit at a time.

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