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Duskwood Mod APK v1.10.12 (Multimedia pack, premium unlocked)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022

Download Duskwood Mod APK Multimedia pack to engage in the best detective story featuring crime investigation. Get the simulation game for a realistic investigation highlighting real people.

Game and App Info.
Name Duskwood - Detective Story
Updated 2023-01-30
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.10.12
Size 181.65 Mb
MOD Multimedia pack, premium unlocked
Category Role Playing
Developer Everbyte
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview of Duskwood Mod APK

Duskwood Mod APK for Android takes a stylish approach to become an investigative crime story. Players are more excited to participate in more thinking when real video footage is used as selection criteria. Either in the reality or in video games, the participatory excitement of criminal investigation has been available.

As the main character, you must pay close attention to cues and reveal the fascinating legend of the man who came back to life in the town of Duskwood and managed to make it challenging for the residents to survive. 

Hanna, a young villager who has been lost the previous day, has not been seen or heard from. The peasants become afraid and disappointed as a result. You must now take charge and attempt to decipher the cryptic clues contained in the discussion group chats.

duskwood mod apk

You are pointed to a narrative play where you will read stories presented in various formats; in this game, these are the message boxes you encounter. Your encounters with the characters and the details players may uncover about them in their profiles are what gives the experience its realism.

You can feel fear in a variety of ways thanks to the gameplay's extreme allure, which also prevents you from wasting your money on pointless activities. Numerous positive changes have been made to the game, giving players access to unlimited currency and jewels in ​Duskwood Mod APK premium unlocked​ to unlock and improve their characters' abilities and other features.

Features - Duskwood Mod APK


The scene is prepared for players to solve a real-life criminal scenario with some gruesome pictures rather than straightforward puzzles. Additionally, if the operating system is triggered by the player, anticipate a video instruction to take action. The Duskwood is the most exciting game due to a complex twist of potential outcomes. Players get a rare opportunity to live in the world of an investigation.

duskwood mod apk download

The main objective of the investigator role that players assume is the game's central plot. Regularly analyzing clues and interpreting of data is done to simulate a true crime scenario. 

In addition, after deciphering the clues and correctly identifying the facts, players will only be able to comprehend the killer's inspiration. Players reach a deadlock if the secret elements of the Duskwood Mod APK download are solved in a conventional manner.

Your own storyline

In Duskwood Mod APK no minigames, you have the choice to either advance the match-three round or the game's plot after completing a predetermined number of match-three levels. 

After the player is presented with the intricate information, you can think of the puzzle game display as a direction for you to decompress. As additional chat groups pop up in front of your eyes and the quantity of data grows, there will be numerous factors you need to take into account.

Since your mobile number showed in Hannah's previous message, already exists a character who has actively approached you. That character eventually starts a chat group. 

Hannah and now one of her family are all acquainted with the individuals who have been added. From there, you'll start interacting with these folks to learn more about what's happening and allay any concerns they may have.

New acquaintances

There are a ton of individuals in Duskwood Mod APK unlimited money. You should be cautious about who you trust since you might even run across the murderer.

duskwood mod apk no minigames

You must be vigilant because it's simple to influence you in the game. Be careful not to be easily duped into thinking you are speaking to an innocent man.

Game contents

Numerous photos, voicemail messages, minigames, and movies can be found sporadically throughout each episode of Duskwood. Be prepared for several hints that could take you to a solution or a brick wall. You must decide how you will examine these to find the murderer. You have to look into every piece of proof you come across in this Duskwood Mod APK latest version.

Epic visuals

Duskwood Mod APK 2022 is a distinct game that makes use of real-world dialogue, media, and much more! The game's components are so lifelike that at moments it doesn't seem like a game.


Play games available with limitless resources and enjoys the premium features of the Duskwood Mod APK for the best horror gameplay. 

duskwood mod apk premium unlocked

Download Duskwood Mod APK multimedia pack right away to start experiencing excitement and suspense forever.

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