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DuckStation APK v0.1-5494 (Emulator for Android TV)

Sep 04, 2023

DuckStation APK is a console emulator that emulates the most popular Sony PlayStation (TM)/PSX/PS1.

Name DuckStation
Updated 2023-04-25
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 0.1-5494
Size 25 MB
MOD Emulator for Android TV
Category Arcade
Developer Stenzek
Price Free
Google Play Link

DuckStation APK | Transform Your Android into a PlayStation Time Machine

Have you ever had a soft spot for the classic PlayStation games from the Sony universe? DuckStation APK, an emulator designed for Sony PlayStation (PSX/PS1), is making waves in the world of gaming.  Whether you're a pro retro gamer or just seeking to relive a few nostalgic moments, this emulator might simply be your best associate.

DuckStation APK

Overview of DuckStation APK Latest Version

Sony's PlayStation consoles have garnered immense love from gamers worldwide, each generation offering unique gaming experiences. While newer consoles continue to dominate the scene, the classics never fade away. DuckStation is an emulator that resurrects the magic of the Sony PlayStation(TM) / PSX / PS1, with a primary focus on playability, speed, and long-term maintainability.

This app is designed to bring those antique games back to life on your Android device. So, if you're wondering how to enjoy PSX/PS1 games on your Android device, DuckStation Android is the answer.

Attractive Features of DuckStation Bios Android APK

One of the standout features of DuckStation is its ability to allow users to dive into the treasure trove of unique titles from the older PlayStation structures. With the app, you can turn your Android device into a bona fide gaming system and experience those games like by no means before.

Smoothness and balance are paramount when emulating games and DuckStation excels in this regard. Even if you're using a mid-range Android tool, you won't need to be concerned approximately hardware constraints.

DuckStation Android

Whether you need to remap controller settings or tweak other sport-associated parameters, this emulator has you blanketed. With the aid of up to eight exceptional controllers, it ensures that you may seamlessly connect your selected controller for a genuine gaming sense. To ensure smooth gaming enjoyment, it's endorsed to have at least a 1.5GHz CPU, although overall performance can also vary depending on the tool's nice.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of DuckStation Emulator APK


  • Smooth and Stable Gameplay: Bios DuckStation APK excels in delivering a flawless gaming experience. The games I played ran without a hitch, maintaining a stable speed throughout.
  • Customization Galore: The ability to customize controller settings and other game-related parameters added a layer of personalization that I appreciated. 
  • Wide Device Compatibility: Whether you have got a 32-bit/64-bit ARM or a 64-bit x86 tool, DuckStation has you blanketed. It caters to an extensive variety of Android devices, making sure of accessibility for an extensive target market.


  • ROM BIOS Requirement: To start using it, you need a ROM BIOS, which can be obtained from various sources. While not a major hurdle, it may require some effort for newcomers.
  • Third-Party Game Requirement: The app does not include games; you need to source them from legitimate third-party sources. This can be a slight inconvenience for those expecting a one-stop solution.
  • Image Format Compatibility: The app supports various image formats like cue, iso, img, ecm, mds, chd, and unencrypted PBP.

Bios DuckStation APK

FAQs about DuckStation Bios Download

Q. Is it safe to download this app from

Yes, the app from this website is secure.

Q. How to download DuckStation APK Android TV?

Access the link below, locate the emulator's page, and follow the provided instructions.

DuckStation Emulator APK


DuckStation APK is a fantastic emulator for recreating PlayStation gaming's heyday.  Its capability to seamlessly emulate the operation of older-generation consoles whilst supplying smooth and customizable gaming leisure makes it a to-have for unfashionable gaming lovers. So, if you're prepared to embark on a nostalgic adventure through the classics of PlayStation gaming, this beneficial app awaits. Download it from, configure your device, and get ready to rediscover the magic of vintage gaming with your Android tool.

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