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Download Fun Hospital

Download Fun Hospital Mod APK v2.23.6 (Unlimited diamonds)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022
Download Fun Hospital

Download Fun Hospital Mod APK With Latest Version Unlimited Money, bringing players many new things. Overcoming all limits. Completely free for players. Download here.

Game and App Info.
Name Fun Hospital – Tycoon is Back
Updated 2022-12-01
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 2.23.6
Size 100.9 MB
MOD Unlimited diamonds
Category Simulation
Developer OrangesGame Technology Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link

This is a business-themed simulation game with fun and exciting gameplay. Humor elements are interspersed to create an impressive highlight that makes you always happy throughout the game. Let's find out more details right after the article below.

What is Fun Hospital Mod APK?

Fun Hospital unlimited diamonds is a simulation game where you will transform into a manager of a large hospital. There will be many different patients with dangerous diseases that need the best hospital care.

fun hospital mod apk

You will need the best hospital management from equipment, and care staff to service to give patients the best care possible. Initially, your hospital was just a small hospital with very few staff and patients. After the time of upgrading and performing tasks the system will be expanded. You will have to buy or earn items to upgrade the hospital and become one of the biggest hospitals.

Diversity of patients

The uniqueness of Fun Hospital Mod unlimited diamonds is that there are a lot of patients. Each patient will have different diseases, but all are very optimistic and love life.

You need to diagnose and provide a suitable treatment plan for each person for the fastest and most effective treatment.

In it, there will be some diseases that are quite interesting and make you laugh like hair loss, baldness, or patients with superhero diseases, ...

And to be able to cure the disease, you need to use world-class medical equipment.

Easy Customization

Fun Hospital unlimited money is highly personalized, so you can customize the hospital easily to suit your best friend's preferences.

fun hospital mod apk 2022

You can change some features such as the Color, floor, ceiling, or interior of the hospital,... Those changes make your hospital look new, impressive, and much more attractive.

Modern equipment is essential

To upgrade the service quality of the hospital you need to upgrade the equipment. Not only recruiting new medical staff, but players need to collect many items to have money to buy the most advanced equipment.

This will help to treat and diagnose the disease quickly and effectively.

Impressive graphics

Fun Hospital unlimited money impresses players with the attraction from the image. The game's graphics are impressive with fresh, colorful images and colors. You will always feel fun and happy while enjoying the game. Not only the image, but the sound of the game is also extremely impressed with the catchy background music.

Features of Fun Hospital Mod APK

The application is attractive and attractive by many great features such as:

Intuitive controls

Fun Hospital latest version has an intuitive and simple control system. You can make quick adjustments in no time.

Decorate your hospital

You can create your own hospital image according to your wishes.

fun hospital mod apk unlimited diamonds

Manually customize every corner of the hospital to make it more enjoyable, making the patient feel most comfortable during treatment.

Variety of missions

Throughout the game, there are many tasks that you need to overcome. The task will gradually increase in difficulty, requiring players to have high thinking, and come up with an appropriate strategy to find the fastest solution. After each mission you will receive many valuable rewards, that money is used to upgrade equipment as well as recruit more nurses, and doctors, .. to expand the scale.

Regular updates with new content

New versions are regularly updated to bring the latest features for players to experience. The fastest and most timely automatic update feature.

No ads

This game contains no ads. You won't be bothered by commercials midway through the game. This provides a better experience for players.


Fun Hospital Mod APK is an interesting business and hospital simulation game for those who have a love for this game genre. Fun gameplay, and colorful graphics will make your mood much better.

fun hospital mod apk unlimited money

In particular, the game is completely free and updated regularly. If you do not know what entertainment is for this summer, do not miss this interesting game.

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