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Cross DJ Pro

Cross DJ Pro APK Mod v4.0.1 (Full unlocked)

Dec 17, 2022

You are a DJ music enthusiast, you want to create your own extremely attractive DJ music with just your phone. No need to hire or ask anyone, just a phone, and a Cross DJ Pro application, you can freely create your own professional DJ tracks. Cross DJ Pro is a professional Music Mixing application with simple operations.

Name Cross DJ Pro - Mix & Remix
Updated 2024-02-20
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 4.0.1
Size 24M
MOD Full unlocked
Category Music & Audio
Developer Mixvibes
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is Cross DJ Pro APK

Cross DJ Pro APK is professional music mixing application like a real DJ on the smartphone platform. Users can mix music by themselves, mix music with whatever sounds they want with just simple and quick operations. You will get a music product that meets the standards of quality, sound quality, and stability.

With Cross DJ Pro APK, users can mix different songs into an amazing mix using a wide range of professional tools, effects, loops, and trimmers.

Great features of Cross DJ Pro APK

Add music easily with Cross DJ Pro APK

You can add music to Cross DJ Pro APK from many different sources, to mix music. Many music sources are used such as from the phone library, from the synchronization with Android devices, or directly from SoundCloud.

Organize your music library properly

Before proceeding to edit music, it is extremely necessary to rearrange the existing music. Rearranging your music library saves time searching for your favorite tracks to mix.

When downloading Cross DJ Pro APK, thanks to the intelligent mechanism, it accurately identifies the Beats Per Minute index and more detailed information in the songs. This is an indicator used to get the number of beats for each song and help the mixing process go more smoothly.

Edit audio output quality

Cross DJ pro apk also allows users to edit the audio output quality for their mixes. You can customize listening to the sound with two headphones or one at a time to get a better feel for the quality of the song.

The powerful separation feature in Cross DJ Pro APK will help you hear each melody of the song clearly and in detail, thereby making decisions on how to mix the best.

Cross DJ Pro APK is a reliable music sync tool

Cross DJ pro apk is very strong in music syncing ability. With just one or two touches, users can mix two tracks together based on a harmonious synchronization platform. Cross DJ Pro APK's automatic sync feature is highly stable and never out of tune. The process of synchronizing music with each other on Cross DJ Pro APK will be quick and fully automatic.

In addition, if you do not want to use the automatic synchronization feature, Cross DJ Pro APK will immediately have a manual editing tool to help you edit the exact rhythm grid of the tracks according to your liking. Even if the resulting product is not quite what you want, you can still edit it with a variety of transition effects or loops available in the Cross DJ Pro APK library.

Cross DJ Pro APK has a lot of support before mixing music

In addition to detailed identification of the parameters in each music input to prepare to mix, Cross DJ Pro APK also provides many small features to support users before actually mixing them together. Cross DJ Pro APK supports automatically changing BPM without affecting the melody of the song to bring songs with separate BPM for better mixing.

There is also an Auto Gain feature that automatically balances the levels of individual tracks for better and more accurate auto-syncing.

Share music on many social networking sites.

After mixing the tracks and getting the desired product, Cross DJ Pro APK will automatically record the mixes and allow users to save them in many different formats. Users can share on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Instructions to download Cross DJ Pro APK

You can Cross DJ Pro APK download from a 3rd party completely free with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visit a 3rd party website to download the Cross DJ Pro APK file to your phone.
  • Step 2: Open the Cross DJ pro mod apk file in your phone's download to install! During the installation of Cross DJ Pro APK android, when your phone needs to verify 3rd party apps, you grant permission to install apps of unknown origin.
  • Step 3: Wait for the installation process to complete and you can use the application.

Notes in the process of downloading and installing Cross dj pro mod apk

  • You should choose the Cross DJ Pro APK latest version to download and install, when you download the Cross DJ Pro APK old version, you won't get the updated features.
  • Cross DJ Pro APK is completely free, you can download Cross DJ Pro APK full unlocked free download, Cross DJ Pro APK full version free download to use and mix your favorite music.

  • Cross DJ Pro APK download for pc application is completely free. You can get an emulator for your pc and download Cross DJ Pro APK free download for windows for PC like with your phone through an emulator.
  • You should scan the Cross DJ Pro APK file for viruses before installing it to ensure the safety of your phone.


Cross DJ pro apk is a great DJ mixing application. This is an application that many people are passionate about creating music, users can create tables. Users can customize the music according to their own style and share it with their friends.

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