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CPU Z APK Mod v1.42 (No ads)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022

Download CPU Z APK Mod No ads Latest version for Android of the popular CPU identification tool for PC and phone is a free application that reports information about your device.

Game and App Info.
Name CPU Z
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.42
Size 6 MB
MOD No ads
Category Tools
Developer CPUID
Price Free
Google Play Link

It would be difficult to not mention CPU Z APK as one of the best programs for monitoring and managing computer hardware settings. What then is CPU-Z APK 2022? Is it simple to use CPU-Z? This article will contain all the information you need in the below article! 


A specialist program called CPU-Z APK is used to gather data on the hardware elements of your computer, including the CPU, motherboard, chipset, RAM memory, graphics card, etc. CPU-Z was created for Windows and Android; it is not currently accessible for iOS. The CPU Z's primary interface is surely easy to use and learn.

cpu z apk

CPU Z APK Mod gives customers the opportunity to benchmark in addition to providing performance information. Users can do this to upload reports to CPU-Z and assess how well their computer performs in comparison to other systems.

What system hardware requirements does CPU Z APK require?

You can use CPU Z Mod with confidence as long as your machine is set up with Windows operating systems from XP and higher and has administrative access during the installation and launch processes. This program is open source.

Instructions for using the software CPU Z 2022

The developer provides tabs for CPU, Mainboard, Memory, SPD, Graphics, Bench, and About to make it simpler for users to examine computer configuration with CPU Z support. You only need to grasp what these tabs and their associated settings signify in order to use the CPU Z software.

CPU tab

The user can view the relevant desktop CPU information on the first tab. If you want to upgrade the CPU, you can see the processor name (name), CPU generation (codename), socket pin (package), full name of the cpu (specification), clock (core speed), bus speed on CPU, L1, L2, L3 (cache) cache parameters—the larger the L2, L3 cache, the faster the CPU works—multiplier, and number of threads (cores, threads). 

Mainboard tab

Your laptop's mainboard is on the second tab, and this will provide you specific details on your motherboard. The maker (manufacturer) and model of the motherboard are important details to pay attention to as they will make it simpler for you to locate the driver.

cpu z apk download

In order to upgrade the BIOS later, you must also be aware of the BIOS's manufacturer, version, and date of manufacture, so make the appropriate choice.

Memory tab

You may find out the following information on this tab, including the RAM type (Type), which can be DDR3, DDR4, etc. , your device's overall RAM capacity (Size), and the number of RAM slots (available channels). The real bus speed of RAM (DRAM Frequency) might be single (one slot), dual (two slots), or triple (three slots).

When a device's RAM slot is empty and you want to increase the RAM, you must pay attention to the RAM's kind and speed specifications and make an informed purchase.

SPD tab

Please go to the SPD tab for comprehensive information about the manufacturer, maximum bandwidth, and each RAM slot. When slot#1 is used, it refers to the number of RAM slots; for instance, if there are two RAM slots, there will be slots #1 and #2. When a slot is chosen, the details shown below will adjust to reflect that slot.

The RAM Bus can be calculated by taking the clock part in parentheses and multiplying it by 2, thanks to the max bandwidth setting. The frequency in my image is 800Mhz multiplied by two, or 1600Mhz.

CPU Z APK free download

After only a few easy steps, CPU Z APK  for Android can be downloaded for free as a software that the development team shares. Rest assured that the application will not disappoint you as right now the CPU Z APK has continuously updated and received more than 50 millions downloading.

cpu z apk mod 

Interesting, the Mod version can provide you: 

  • CPU Z APK no ads.
  • CPU Z APK with more items. 


So, we just shared with you a software that enables you to easily compare your CPU with other CPUs and learn detailed information about hardware. We hope you can use this knowledge!

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