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Conquer New Lands with Stick War Legacy Mod APK

Download Stick War Legacy Mod APK and experience an addictive strategy game with distinctive stickman character designs and extraordinary fighting power.

Have you played any strategy game before? Stick War Legacy Mod APK with stickman style is one of the most welcome strategy games today. It quickly gained a lot of attention thanks to its distinctive character design. Although the design is simple, the characters in the game have extraordinary fighting power. Many other addictive elements make it easy to get caught up in attractive game modes.

download stick war legacy mod apk

Building your own army and using tactics to go to new lands will be a great experience. Read more below!

About Stick War Legacy Mod APK

Stick War Legacy Mod APK is one of the strategy games with a simple design but attracts many people's attention. Players will use their smart tactics to build an army and become the strongest. These tactics will help you expand your army and reach new lands.

Although the character's design is a stick figure, it has great fighting power. If you have smart tactics, your army will quickly expand. To do that, players need to perform resource mining. You will start mining gold, money, gems and earn many other rewards.

Useful items in Stick War Legacy Mod APK For Android will help you upgrade your army quickly. It creates a higher chance of winning no matter who your enemy is and which battle you join.

Players will be given missions in Stick War Legacy Mod APK 99999. The higher the level, the more difficult tasks you will face. The chains of operations are separate but related, so you need to be careful what you do. Try to conquer new lands to expand the area.

With just a simple phone battle, you can conquer the land for yourself. It is suitable for leisure after fatigue.

Versions and modes of Stick War Legacy APK

stick war legacy mod apk

You will be surprised with the number of versions and modes that the publisher of Stick War Legacy provides. This diversity brings many different entertainment experiences.


  • Stick War Legacy Unlimited All offers unlimited creativity and combat. Players can use unlimited resources and features to expand their land.

  • Stick War Legacy Unlimited Gems, Money provides a great resource to support upgrades and purchases for the army. Knowing how to use the budget properly provides the opportunity for strong growth. Stick War Legacy Mod APK Unlimited Gold And Gems is also the same version that provides unlimited gold and gems.

  • Premium features will be provided in Stick War Legacy Mod APK Vip. Players can use this premium to accelerate the development of their army and make many powerful upgrades.

  • Stick War Legacy Latest Version regularly has updates to fix bugs and improve user experience. The changes of this version also leave a lot of impressions.


Players can choose from a variety of game modes and join any mode they want.

stick war legacy mod apk 999 army

  • Survival Mode: Players will fight with Zombies and survive to the end to win.

  • Tournament mode: You are allowed to duel against AI opponents for victory and the crown of Inamorta.

  • Campaign mode: You will have to fight and confront many different countries to expand your territory.

Salient features

Stick War Legacy Mod APK 2023 possesses many outstanding and amazing features. You can follow these special features below:

Diverse army

Your army can be swordsmen, spearmen, magicians, archers and giants. Each character will have its own fighting ability and characteristics. Use them in the right situations for maximum value. Knowing how to use tactics will help you win without losing many soldiers.

Lots of new outfits

Although the characters of Stick War Legacy Mod APK are stick figures and very simple, you can create highlights for them. Featured skins such as Ice skins, Vampires skins, lava skins or wild skins will bring an interesting touch.

Impressive quest

stick war legacy mod apk unlimited all

Continuous quests are given to the player the opportunity to grow and receive rewards. If you are interested in developing your army, you should do multiple missions.


Stick War Legacy Mod APK shows interesting ancient wars. Rude weapons are one of the reasons why you have to use tactics to win. Download now and build your own empire.