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Unleash Your Inner Detective with Criminal Case Mod APK

Criminal Case Mod APK is the perfect game for aspiring detectives who want to solve challenging murder cases. With unlimited stars and energy, players can use their interrogation skills and gather evidence to catch the perpetrator.

Overview - Criminal Case Mod APK

Criminal Case Mod APK is the best option if the player has a lifelong aspiration to become a renowned police officer. When you step into this realm, you will be presented with challenging cases on a regular basis. This is the foundation for openly displaying your talent and desire for catching the offender, much like in crime films. 

We'll take the participants to a horrific scene to look for unusual evidence. Not content with that, the game also lets you practice your interrogation skills on anyone involved, including the perpetrator.

criminal case mod apk

Most of the cases that are presented to you involve murder. You'll become a police officer, and you'll solve those crimes expertly. You should be aware that you will be joining the Grimsborough Police Force. This team is recognized as one that should not be taken lightly. 

Criminals are also alarmed when they hear your name. Criminal Case Mod APK unlimited stars and energy now invites you to enter and impress the deceased with your abilities. Additionally, you are surrounded by seasoned seniors who will actively mentor you.

Features - Criminal Case Mod APK

A horrible market appears in front of your eyes

Furthermore, after solving the professor's case, you will keep going until you reach an alley. Although a murder occurred, no one was located. When you arrive, everything has gotten disorganized and is no longer in its proper place. 

Bicycles or trolleys fell over and tumbled around on the ground, or even watermelons that had been squashed. You can use all of them as hints. Additionally, you carefully examine each vegetable to determine whether the culprit is still at large.

Look into the corrupt town

criminal case mod apk instant analysis

There are numerous unresolved criminal cases in the neighborhood, and the city is completely corrupt. In the Criminal Case Mod APK for android, you play a detective who wants to efficiently solve every case. You can look at crime scenes in an evil and dark town.

Play with your team

This Criminal Case Mod APK instant analysis will allow you to play with your friends, which means that in addition to receiving assistance with your own criminal case, you might also be able to assist your friends in resolving their own cases. To compete for the title of "best detective" both within the game and among your friends, you can play with them.

No charge

This Criminal Case Mod APK no time is portable in the form of an APK, so you may download Criminal Case Mod APK  without any problems. With the help of routine updates, all the game's small and significant technical issues and bugs are currently fixed as needed.

Seek out true evidence to determine the culprit

You begin the analysis of the Criminal Case Mod APK unlimited all after gathering the clues. Not all of your suspicions will be supported by evidence. An analysis is therefore more important than ever. Can you excel as a detective? This stage has a big impact. Every bit of information you discover or infer is turned into a convincing argument.

criminal case mod apk unlimited stars and energy

You can expose the murderer once you've found the evidence in Criminal Case Mod APK all levels unlocked. They'll receive legal repercussions for the offenses they've committed. The final step of this fight for justice will take place in court, though. Players anxiously watch, assess, and provide their attorneys with counsel and unanticipated evidence. You are about to enter a city that is blazing with illegal calamities.

Invite friends to play with you

Because the Criminal Case Mod APK unlimited everything is so engaging, you can always ask your friends to join you in playing. Sometimes you can see the suggestion right in front of you, but you still can't figure it out. Your buddies can assist you in such circumstances by pointing out obvious things. They can be of wonderful assistance to you, and it's a great way to take pleasure in the activity.

Images, 3d, and sound

The visuals are three-dimensional and seem incredibly lifelike. It's because the concept and design can truly get under your skin. Playing the Criminal Case Mod APK unlimited stars and money may help you become more intelligent in everyday situations.

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Additionally, the voices are also real. If you pull a chair, for instance, you will hear the sound of dragging a chair. As a result, it is almost exactly how things are in reality.


Criminal Case Mod APK latest version is an entertaining adventure game. In this engaging hidden object, adventure game, you will solve a number of murder cases. In this mod game, energy and hints are endless. The killers are simple to find, which will save you a lot of time.