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Citampi Story

Citampi Story Mod APK v1.80.028r (Unlimited money)

Dec 17, 2022

Download Citampi Story Mod APK - Unlimited money - This is a recently released game, a role-playing simulation game with extremely romantic and most loved characters.

Name Citampi Stories: Love & Life
Updated 2024-03-07
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.80.028r
Size 97M
MOD Unlimited money
Category Role Playing
Developer Ikan Asin Production
Price Free
Google Play Link

This is a game where you do not have the right to decide your life and future. Having to strive and change the deadlocked life and create for yourself a life of freedom as well as your own worth is something you can do in Citampi Story Mod APK. From love, your family relationships are forced, and having to open life for yourself is something that you will do.

What is Citampi Story Mod APK?

Citampi Story Mod APK is a flight simulation game but extremely interesting. You are forced to marry a girl you do not love, a daughter of a loan shark. Moved to a city where you are completely unfamiliar. Having to try to live and find a way to make a lot of money in a new city is what you need to do.

citampi story mod apk

Meeting people around you, making good relationships, and starting your own business are what you must strive to do when entering the game. With your talent, these things are difficult or not, you are a good and talented person, these things are too simple. Quickly becoming a rich person and taking control of your life is your goal.

The plot of the game Citampi Story Mod APK.

Initially, your family is in debt, you cannot pay the debt that your parents are carrying. Must accept to marry the lender's daughter to pay off the family's debt. You have to move to a strange city to live in to start a new life. Arriving in a new city, everything is unfamiliar to you. You have to get used to the living environment, make connections with people around you and start a business with a small amount of money. Players need to show their business skills, expand their business, and earn a lot of money to get the life they want.

Features in the game

Attractive gameplay

Citampi Story Mod APK is a simple game that combines RPG and simulation. You can do all you want in this world, discover new things as well as life in the city. Creating a life that you want is the great thing that Citampi Story Mod APK game has brought to you.

Simple but attractive graphics

Not a game with a cult graphics system like role-playing and action games, but Citampi Story Mod APK cs RPG-style graphics system combined with simulation. The lightness and friendliness are what Citampi Story Mod APK game brings to players here.

Easy controls

The game Citampi Story Mod APK has a simple design, the operations in the game are optimized in the simplest way so that you can control it in the simplest way.

citampi story mod apk free download

It is not difficult for a newcomer to play the game Citampi Story Mod APK. The operations are carefully guided for players, and annotated for you to use and play the game most effectively is what Citampi Story Mod APK brings to players.

Play Offline

No internet is required you can also enjoy and play the game. Wherever you are you can still play the game, anytime, anywhere you can enter the game and perform your actions. Building a good life, and building a developed city is what you always want to be.

Diverse quest system

Coming to Citampi Story Mod APK you need to complete the tasks in the game to earn a lot of money, and many rewards. After each mission, you get a big reward or some money. Using money to build yourself a house, and a good life is what you should do.

Attractive mod

If you have difficulty making money, then Citampi Story Mod APK unlimited money helps you with that. This unlimited money mod makes it easier for you to get started and do what you want more quickly. It's not perfect, but it does give you a better head start to build a much better life.

Instructions to download Citampi Story Mod APK for android

As a simple but attractive simulation game, Citampi Story Mod APK is chosen by many people to entertain in their spare time. Downloading and installing is also simple with the following steps:

citampi story mod apk unlimited money

  • Step 1: Find and download Citampi Story Mod APK to your device from the 3rd party publisher's website.
  • Step 2: Open phone settings and grant permission to install apps from unknown sources on your phone.
  • Step 3: Open the apk file you just downloaded and install it
  • Step 4: Wait for the installation process to complete and you can open and play the game.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee to download Citampi Story Mod APK?

Absolutely not, Citampi Story Mod APK free download for all users, just follow the instructions above and you can download and install the game without spending any money.

Is Citampi Story Mod APK harmful to the phone?

Not at all, this is an apk file that does not contain any malicious code that harms the phone, so you can rest assured about that.

download citampi story mod apk

Why can't Citampi Story Mod APK install?

There are many reasons for you not to install this game such as: Not granting permission to install apps of unknown origin, not downloading Citampi Story Mod APK latest version…

Does Citampi Story Mod APK update the new version by itself?

No automatic update, users need to update manually when a new version is available because this is an app not installed from the google store.


Citampi Story Mod APK is a simple and attractive simulation game. Gentle and slow is what the game has brought to players here. Building your life in a new city is something that players need to do. All your skills in life need to be used effectively in the game.

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