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Chicken Gun

Chicken Gun Mod APK v4.1.0 (Unlimited Money/Immortality)

techzapk Jun 24, 2024

Chicken Gun Mod APK is fun and unique action game, where players will take on role of chickens fighting in fierce matches.

Name Chicken Gun
Updated 2024-06-20
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 4.1.0
Size 579 MB
MOD Unlimited Money/Immortality
Category Action
Developer ChaloApps
Price Free
Google Play Link

Chicken Gun Mod APK - Experience fight with funny chickens

Chicken Gun Mod APK is mobile game with funny and unique style, where players will take on role of carefree chicken, running around with silly weapons. Besides exciting gaming experience, Mod APK version of Chicken Gun also brings many exclusive features and attractive upgrades. Let explore interesting things in article.

Chicken Gun Mod APK

Introducing Chicken Gun Mod APK

Chicken Gun Mod APK is online first person shooting game on mobile. In game, you will play role of chicken armed with gun. Your mission is to destroy fellow chickens to earn coins and buy weapons, clothes, cars and more. In game, players will take on role of fighting chickens and participate in dramatic fighting matches.

Game offers variety of weapons and equipment so players may be customize their character. Players may be participate in single player modes or play with friends through multiplayer mode. Take part in chicken fight and show off your shooting skills.

Main features of Chicken Gun Mod APK Unlimited Money and Antiban

Unlimited coins and gems

One of most significant advantages of using Chicken Gun Mod APK Unlimited Money and Level is unlimited supply of money and gems. Allows players to purchase new weapons, skins, and upgrades without worrying about running out of money in game.

Unlock weapons and costumes

Mod version of Chicken Gun Mod APK Huge amount of money unlocks all weapons and costumes from start. Helps players have many options to choose from.

Unique and interesting gameplay

Chicken Gun Mod APK has unique and interesting gameplay. You will participate in humorous combat battles, using unusual weapons such as egg guns, chicken bombs and more. In addition, game also has diverse game modes such as campaign, survival mode and single match. You will experience intense matches and full of laughter.

Chicken Gun Mod APK Unlimited Money and Immortality

Customize and upgrade your chicken

Chicken Gun Mod APK Unlimited Money and Immortality allows players to customize and upgrade their chicken. You may be change outfit, color, and even small details like head size and fur color. In addition, you may be also upgrade weapons to increase power and effectiveness in battle. Customization and upgrade feature helps you create unique and powerful chickens.

Interesting multiplayer mode

Chicken Gun Mod APK offers unique multiplayer mode where you may be challenge your friends or other players around world. Show off your skills and become winner in intense matches. Multiplayer mode brings exciting social and competitive experiences.

Other highlights in Chicken Gun Mod APK Unlimited Coins

  • Offers ad free experience, allowing you to enjoy game no any distractions.
  • Modded versions of games often include graphical and performance improvements, providing smoother and more visually appealing gaming experience.
  • Chicken Gun Mod APK is updated regularly to ensure compatibility with latest version of game as well as introduce new features and improvements.

Chicken Gun Mod APK Unlimited Money and Level

Useful tips to play Chicken Gun Mod APK

  • Use weapon and tool smart: Game has different weapon and tool like gun, knive, axes, sword. Use them well improve your fight skill.
  • Know about vehicle: Chicken Gun has vehicle like car, plane, horse. Learn how use them move fast and easy in game.
  • Throw explosive egg careful: You may be throw explosive egg in game cause chao. Use them wise attack opponent and help your team.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chicken Gun Mod APK


  • Gameplay is simple but passionate, helping player have comfortable entertainment experience.
  • These feature bring more option and diverse experience player.
  • Unlimited money feature help player easy upgrade and unlock new weapon, providing richer experience.


  • Some players think controls in game are not good. Controls can be difficult at first and take time get used to.

Players' actual experience of Chicken Gun Mod APK game

When playing Chicken Gun Mod APK, I really feel very happy and entertained. Control bustling chicken with many unique weapons gives me wonderful moment of relax. Feature like online play mode and PvP make game more attractive. I may be compete with friend and enjoy intense match together. Graphics and sound in Mod APK version are also very impressive, giving me more vivid gaming experience.

Chicken Gun Mod APK Unlimited Money and Antiban


Chicken Gun Mod APK gives player realistic experience full of humor and drama. With adorable warrior chickens, unique weapons and diverse game modes. Game promises to bring hours of wonderful and unforgettable entertainment. Download Chicken Gun Mod APK and join adventure with adorable chickens.

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