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Cats and Soup

Cats and Soup Mod APK v2.13.0 (Unlimited money and gems)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022

Download Cats And Soup Mod APK - Unlimited Money and Gems - This is an extremely attractive simulation game for mobile devices. Completely free for players. Bring an interesting feeling to the player.

Name Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game
Updated 2023-05-22
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 2.13.0
Size 105.30 Mb
MOD Unlimited money and gems
Category Simulation
Developer HIDEA
Price Free
Google Play Link

If you are a person who has a passion for relaxing and entertaining games, this is a game that you cannot miss. The cats here will be extremely cute and each one will have a separate task to perform. Learn more about this game.

About Cats And Soup Mod APK unlimited money and gems

This is a simulation game with lovely pictures of cats and has very simple gameplay. The game is published by the company HIDEA. The game is about a group of cute cats that will cook delicious soups for you.

cat and soup mod apk unlimited money

The player's task is to collect food recipes and achieve different achievements, unlocking new cats when leveling up. If you are a lover of animal-themed games, you should not miss this interesting game.

Comfortable interaction

In Cats And Soup Mod APK latest version, you will be free to perform different actions and manipulations with these cats. As we said above, players will receive cats all over the world and you need to interact with them to be able to feel safe with them. Once the cat and you have become close, you can optionally help them change their appearance with a variety of accessories such as clothes, hats, etc. Then you can take pictures of them and share them with them. friends wherever you want.

Besides, you can also participate in many other activities such as feeding the cats or naming them in many different languages. And these activities can bring you many different gifts.

Graphics and sound

cat and soup mod apk unlimited money has a 2D graphic background that is considered as beautiful as a picture. With a completely hand-drawn style with gentle, ethereal color and thereby creating a community of lovely cats that will make players feel extremely loved and interesting.

cats and soup mod apk

On the other hand, the game is also integrated by the developer with simulation features about different weather of the day. With the difference between sunny or rainy, morning-evening, etc. With each change of weather, the game will make the mood of the players will also change in different directions.

The activities in the game also take place on very gentle background music, creating a great feeling of relaxation for the player as if being immersed in the scenes in the game.

Trade and make money

Cats And Soup Mod APK free shopping provides players with a lot of items to increase their profit performance. For example, increasing the growth rate of carrots by 20% when you put a cat in your hat, etc. The costumes and accessories sold in the game can also be applied to your favorite characters. prefer.

In addition, the game also unlocks features such as free money or unlocking different items so that players can be more convenient during the experience without having to spend any money.

Suitable for all ages

This game in general can be suitable for any age because of its simple gameplay and manipulations. The moves or clicks are all optimized so that everyone can join the game easily.

cats and soup mod apk free shopping

For example, you just need to drag the cat to the cooking position and it will cook the dishes that are already on the menu. After cooking, it will also automatically bring food to sell and collect money for you. You can then use that money to buy other recipes and repeat the process.

Download Cats And Soup Mod APK

You can install the game and experience it completely for free, but unlock a lot of other great features. Please follow the instructions below.

  • Search and download the APK file to your device
  • Open phone settings and allow the device to install apps from an unknown source.
  • Go to the storage folder of the APK file you just downloaded then click on the file to choose install.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete and you press the icon outside the main screen to enter the game.


cats and soup mod apk latest version

This game will bring you a really great relaxing and entertaining experience. Especially for animal lovers in general or cat lovers in particular. Look for Cats And Soup Mod APK download and install this game to enjoy the fun in this game.

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