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May 15, 2023

Explore the world of APK, an all-in-one AI-powered video creator studio. From auto-transcribing and captioning to seamless editing and sharing, discover how this innovative app is transforming video creation for content creators worldwide.

Updated 2023-05-15
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 3.0.1
Size 50 MB
MOD Video Caption Generator
Category Social
Developer Amal97
Price Free
Google Play Link

Meet APK: Your Fun and Easy AI-Powered Creator Buddy

Ever dreamed of a single app that could do all your video magic? Say hello to APK, your new best friend in video creation. It's more than just a camera and editing app. It's a super-smart assistant that can transcribe, caption, and clip your talking videos. All that, and it's as easy as pie! Mod APK

Ready, Set, Record with Captions

Starting your video is as simple as hitting the record button. Whether you're feeling chatty and want to go for a full minute or you prefer short bursts of genius, for Android APK is ready for you. But the real fun starts once you've wrapped up recording!

Auto-Caption and Personalize Your Videos

Here's where the magic happens. As you watch your video, your words will appear on the screen as captions. Yes, you heard it right. No need for typing! Plus, you can jazz up your captions with different colors and styles. Want to move them around or turn on word-activated stickers? You've got it!

Clip and Share Without a Hassle

The app's clever little editor automatically removes dead spaces and strings clips together into a slick, seamless video. You won't need a separate editing app. And when you're ready to show off your creation, you can save it to your phone or share it with the world on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and more!

Download app APK for Android

Add a Splash of Style to Your Text APK is all about making you shine. Choose from a whole range of fonts and text styles to add some extra spice to your videos. The best part? No typing needed. Just talk your heart out and let the app synchronize your captions word-by-word with your voice.

Speak Your Language

Don't hold back because of language barriers. Mod APK is fluent in every language in the world, even the most rare ones. Record your video, and the app will add integrated captions in your language of choice.

Get Creative with AI-Powered Tools

Need help with your script? Or maybe you're stuck for a new video idea? Mod APK has your back with its AI-powered writing assistant and idea generator. It'll even give you smart tips based on your audience and content category. 

ZipDub and Teleprompter Features to the Rescue

Made a mistake or had a change of heart? The LipDub Alpha feature will fix your subtitles without needing to re-record. Plus, you can use the handy teleprompter feature across all your video apps. Just display your scripts where you need them! Mod APK

Experience Realistic Audio and Breeze Through Video Editing APK uses AI to remove background noise and create a realistic, surround-sound experience. It also takes care of those pesky "ums" and awkward pauses so that your videos are always ready to share.

Make Your Videos Pop and Share with the World

Finally, let's make your videos pop! Change colors, mix up text styles, drag your captions wherever you want, and even add stickers based on what you say. And when you're ready to share, remember that Captions Generator AI  supports the largest range of languages and accents, making it your global platform for video creation.

Captions Generator AI

Wrapping Up APK is not just another camera and editing app. It's a super-fun, easy-to-use AI-powered creator studio that's changing how we create and share videos. No matter who you are or where you're from, your voice is welcome here. So, what are you waiting for? Download app APK for Android and discover the world of Captions!

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