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Bondex Origin

Bondex Origin APK v5.6.1 (No ads)

Feb 20, 2023

Download Bondex Origin APK Mod - No ads - latest version join the future of work and money, an app built to bring together a community of people who are ready to earn crypto.

Name Bondex
Updated 2023-11-24
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 5.6.1
Size 90.6 MB
MOD No ads
Category Business
Developer Bondex Platform Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview - Bondex Origin APK

Everyone who wants to increase their digital wallet and benefit from all of cryptocurrency's advantages should download Bondex Origin APK. Bondex wants to assist you in becoming ready for the cryptocurrency revolution, regardless of your level of experience or interest in cryptocurrencies.

bondex origin apk download

A decentralized ecosystem with fintech capabilities built on a global business talent network is called Bondex Origin APK download. In order to facilitate payments for prizes, incentives, and ecosystem management, we are launching a utility token called BNDX.

The app also gives customers a summary of the Bondex ecosystem, letting them know what initiatives the platform is working on and plans to roll out soon. Additionally, it enables users to receive notifications on Bondex platform-related events, opportunities, and promotions.

The Bondex Origin APK for android is a fantastic option for cryptocurrency users who want to invest in the Bondex network. Users can connect with other experts within the Bondex ecosystem, keep up to date on new initiatives, and acquire free BNDX tokens thanks to its sophisticated features. The software is simple to use and gives users all the knowledge they require to succeed.

Features - Bondex Origin APK

Fresh crypto

We developed the BNDX Token, a cryptocurrency with palpable real-world value. You may aid in the network's expansion and success as a user.

Starting point

Install the Bondex Origin app on your phone, create an account using your email address or LinkedIn credentials, and start earning free BNDX tokens.

bondex origin apk for android

To test and earn more, upload your resume. You can also recommend friends to test and earn more.

Communicating crypto

Use your professional network to the fullest within our cryptocurrency social network so that everyone can prosper! Every Bondex user is subject to a base rate. As a person invites more people to the Bondex Origin Network, they receive a bonus boost rate. Successful referrals will provide the user access to a higher bonus boost rate.

ByBy creating a democratic recruiting process that matches their interests to locate the greatest people for every job opening, Bondex is transforming how companies and talent engage. Our system uses Web3 technology to make recruiting simple and effective for businesses, experts, and recruiters.

By gamifying recruiting, we're changing it. We give you the resources you need to establish a reputation and generate referrals with rewards. You can make dynamic resumes and profiles to draw in top recruiters by using validated and gamified talent profiles. Our sophisticated, expert news feed is based on tokenization technology. Keep up with the times with gamified instructional content. With the help of our certification processes, you can develop and verify your exclusive talents.

bondex origin apk latest version

Android 6.5 and later versions can use the Bondex Origin APK file. Since this is the newest and best app you would ever find, all apps are free. Version 2.1.8 of the Simulation Category is the newest. Superb & Well-Known Applications Are Provided By Bondex Origin APK free download. The app Bondex Origin, created to unite a network of crypto aficionados, is now available. Start funding a fintech-powered decentralized talent network.

Socialize Crypto

Bondex Origin APK 2023 allows you to increase the size of your wallet app and gain access to all the advantages that cryptocurrencies have to offer. Whether you are a seasoned crypto enthusiast or are just getting started, Bondex can assist you. based on an international network of professional talent

We developed the BNDX coin to offer measurable value in the real world. Your involvement will support the network's expansion and success.

By installing the Bondex Origin phone app and signing up using your email or LinkedIn account, you may earn your BNDX coins for nothing. Upload your résumé to earn more, introduce friends, and get paid more! By signing in once each day, registered users of Bondex Origin can earn up to 50,000,000 (5% of the total token supply) BNDX tokens. Free tokens will be exchanged 1:1 for BNDX tokens that are listed on the DEX (decentralized exchange). To earn more, utilize your networking opportunities within our cryptocurrency social network! There will be a base rate for each Bondex user.


Users of the Bondex Origin APK latest version can upload validated resumes. The bonus increase rate will begin as soon as the user's résumé has been confirmed!

bondex origin apk

Users can get free BNDX tokens by logging onto the Bondex Origin application every 24 hours. Be sure not to pass up this fantastic opportunity! The Bondex Origin app now lets you earn BNDX tokens!

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