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Bloody Bastards

Bloody Bastards Mod APK v3.2.8 (Unlimited money)

Hang Nguyen Dec 17, 2022
Bloody Bastards

Download Bloody Bastards Mod APK Mod menu Latest version and Destroy your enemies using an arsenal of daggers, axes, swords, machetes and hammers in the arena of champions.

Game and App Info.
Name Bloody Bastards
Updated 2023-02-07
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 3.2.8
Size 66M
MOD Unlimited money
Category Action
Developer Tibith
Price Free
Google Play Link

What is the game Bloody Bastards Mod APK?

Bloody Bastards Mod APK is a fighting game, so you will participate in dramatic 1:1 matches with fierce intrigues. These 1:1 matches have no rules, no referees, and no doctors. The match is seen to end when one of the two warriors is defeated, the health bar is 0. Currently, this Bloody Bastards Mod APK game only has a single story mode so let's find out how to play it well.

Features of the game Bloody Bastards Mod APK


Graphics are quite an impressive point of this Bloody Bastards Mod APK game. With Pixel-style 2D graphics design, before starting the game you will see a medieval background appear and very little color. Bloody Bastards Mod APK game is described as extremely funny and full of hilarious action taking place.

The warriors in the game will fight like puppets in which you are the one who controls the puppets. With the fun from those warriors and the lack of reality in the image, it will partly help the game reduce violent elements.

Procurement of equipment

If you wonder what to do with the original game money, then in the game Bloody Bastards money will help you buy all kinds of equipment for your character. With the money you deposit, you can buy a lot of things such as shoes, items, weapons, shields, armor, pants, and hats,... this equipment not only helps your character become a character. more beautiful, but it also helps protect your character, from enemy attacks.

But with Bloody Bastards Mod APK, you don't have to recharge at all because all features are unlocked for free.

Exciting control system

The control of the game Bloody Bastards Mod APK is not like other fighting games. It no longer shows virtual joysticks that appear on the home screen. But everything has to be due to your sensitivity to feel, combined with experience and techniques trained through each match. When you first start participating in this Bloody Bastards Mod APK game, you will definitely have to go through the training room to learn combat skills and get used to the context of the game.

With an interesting control system in the game, Bloody Bastards Mod APK will not bring you pressure, but will even make you enjoy this way of control. Because it will give you a feeling of authenticity, creating many engaging and engaging action sequences true to the essence of a real fight. If you want to move your character, double-click on the main screen to the right or left. To use the sword, you can click once and rotate to the right or rotate to the left.


After finishing the match, each match in this Bloody Bastards Mod APK game will be based on the number of stars you achieve at the end, to give a suitable, compatible bonus. The higher the number of stars you achieve, the greater the reward you will receive. So you need to use all your strength to fight, use all the skills you learn to defeat your opponent. The way to get a lot of bonuses is that you have to successfully complete the task and achieve the highest score in the match.

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In Conclusion

If you are looking for the best Action game app, then Bloody Bastards Mod APK game is definitely the best one for you. With the enhanced and latest version of the Bloody Bastards Mod APK 2022 game, you can install the free app and download it at Bloody Bastards Mod APK Free Download this game will be proud of all devices with the Android operating system version 4.1 or higher.

This Bloody Bastards Mod APK game has been set up, giving you the right to protect your security so you don't need to worry about downloading the app. Don't wait any longer to join the fight. If you have any further problems, please leave a comment or comment so that we can support and handle them in a timely manner!

Reasons to download Bloody Bastards Mod APK:

For the default or older versions of Bloody Bastards, most of the special features and support tools in Bloody Bastards are limited and require users to spend extra money to be able to experience all the features superior features. Understanding this, game developers have created Bloody Bastards Mod APK software to patch common errors in default or old versions.

Especially, when using this version of Bloody Bastards Mod APK, users do not have to pay any extra costs and still experience all the special features of Bloody Bastards Mod APK, errors in interface or functions are improved. Not only brings a better experience but also provides many tools to serve the user's purpose. Download Bloody Bastards Mod APK now to experience the application most smoothly and optimally, just download it once and use it for free forever.

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