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BGMI APK Mod v3.0.0 (Latest Version)

Dec 17, 2022

Download BGMI APK Latest version - Ancient ruins appear in Erangel, Miramar, and Livik. Each ruin has its own secret, and you can check the location of these ruins from the map.

Name Battlegrounds Mobile India
Updated 2024-01-03
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 3.0.0
Size 76.22 Mb
MOD Latest Version
Category Action
Developer KRAFTON, Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Outstanding features of BGMI Mod

This is a mod version of the game with many attractive features that players cannot ignore. Not only that, the BMGI mod apk no-ban version can give you absolute peace of mind when experiencing these mod features without fear of being banned by the publisher.

Mod Unlimited UC

No one wants to pay for UC if they can't afford expensive in-game items. With this download BGMI Mod APK unlimited UC, you can freely get as much UC as you want, skins and skins along with royale pass are now at your fingertips...and completely free.

Of course, these UCs will not be able to transfer to a normal account, but you only need to play with this Mod version of the game if you want to avoid being locked.

Auto Aim-Auto Aim

With this mod, you will win all aiming duels, even with the weakest weapons in this game. The aimbot feature will automatically point your gun at the enemy with extremely high accuracy. You can easily win with this feature.

  • BMGI mod apk no recoil allows you to shoot your opponent with accurate bullets and no recoil.
  • BMGI mod apk aimbot helps you to automatically aim at the enemy and not miss the beat when shooting. In this game, sometimes it only takes a second to lose in a gunfight. So this is a feature that can help you easily win over other opponents.
  • BMGI mod apk bullet tracking is a bullet tracking feature that when you want to know which direction the bullets you shoot will go to be able to align for later shots.

See through terrain

This is one of the features that is used very commonly in all shooter mods.

BMGI mod apk white body is what you need to be able to survive in this game. With this feature, the image of rival players will be displayed right in front of your screen, even though it is covered by terrain, trees, houses, etc.

Other players will have their bodies marked with a white and prominent part so that players can see whether they are near or far away.

Mod for moving vehicles

Most of the vehicles in this game have damage over time when attacked and the fuel will run out when used. With the BMGI mod apk car fly feature, you absolutely don't need to worry about these problems anymore. Your car can fly into the air and avoid enemy attacks. With a faster travel speed unimpeded by terrain and fuel, this is one of the great functions.

Quality sound

This is really an extra feature that normally other mods don't have. BGMI Mod APK latest version has improved the look and sound quality of your assault rifles and other weapons to make them look as real as possible.

How to download BGMI Mod APK

As we know we need to include OBB for the application to work. With the download of BGMI Mod APK + OBB, it is very convenient for everyone who sometimes forgets to have OBB but has difficulty downloading and installing the game.

Download process

  • As we mentioned Apk and OBB files, so pay attention and download them carefully.
  • This file can be said to be very important so you should download it very carefully and try not to make any changes to this file.

Installation Process

As we clearly said above, you just need to download it first and follow the instructions in the following steps. These steps can be said to be very easy for players who already know and download many similar games, but we will do these steps in a way that even beginners can install.

  • Download BGMI Mod APK on your device.
  • Accept your device 'allow to install BGMI Mod APK file'.
  • Enable the 'Unknown sources' setting located in your 'Device security settings.
  • When the download is done, go to the BGMI Mod APK installation directory on your device.
  • After Install open it and it will ask you permission for it to work you just need to allow it.
  • And so you have installed BGMI mod.

In Conclusion

Here we have come to the end of this article. In this article, we have provided some meaningful information related to the BGMI apk mod. We have provided instructions on how you can download and install BGMI Mod APK. We also discussed with each other what changes are in Battleground Cell to make for a better mod. Hopefully, you have gathered some information about the BGMI Mod APK and if you liked this article, remember to share it with your friends. Have fun playing the game!

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