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Being A DIK

Being A DIK APK Mod v3.1.3 (Full Game, For Android)

Hang Nguyen Mar 19, 2023
Being A DIK

Being A DIK APK Mod is a mature game for Android, where players control their character's story through an American university.

Game and App Info.
Name Being A DIK
Updated 2023-03-19
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 3.1.3
Size 1.9 GB
MOD Full Game, For Android
Category Simulation
Developer DIK
Price Free
Google Play Link

Being A DIK APK Mod - A Game For Mature

Being A DIK APK Mod is the version for Android. Being A DIK APK Mod is considered as a novel written for the adult generation. The game focuses on events revolving around American universities. The stories in the game are full of humor, drama and no less romantic. Gamers will transform into the character of a young student studying at Burgmeister & Royce University.

Being A DIK APK Mod

About Being A DIK APK Mod and how to become a DIK

Being A DIK APK Mod is an American university student character game. And what's more important is that you can control this character by writing, the plot is built extremely creatively, realizing life. Here, the player can choose the character and complete the mission in each level.
The story revolves around a young man with low status, poor background, losing his mother at an early age. And now he left his father to attend university at Burgmeister & Royce. Coming to this place changed the boy's life completely, bringing him into a world full of conflict and the story of the Delta lota Kappa club began.

The game revolves around a young man with an extremely low background, a very poor family. He decided to leave his father and girlfriend to attend college at Burgmeister & Royce. When the boy entered a new life, he was forced to join the active Delta lota Kappa guild. This has brought him into a new world full of conflict, using drugs.

Being A DIK Latest Mod APK for android

Versions of the game Being A DIK APK Mod

February 14, 2020, Dr. Pink Cake has officially launched Being A DIK Season 1 APK Mod, which is a novel game with a series of vivid images. And in 2022, Being A DIK Season 2 APK Mod is also released with a special version rather than a DLC (expanded version). Gamers in the game will face different challenges and situations to be able to choose for themselves to become a top DIK. At the game you can draw a portrait of yourself. Life at university will bring you close to many beautiful, attractive women around you. If you want to win them over, you have to be willing to strike up a conversation and make eye contact with them. Besides, you can join the club of the most handsome boys in school and fall in love with the most beautiful princess.

In season 1 and season 2, each season consists of 8 episodes, so far has been fully released for players. Episode 9 has been made available on Steam and Korean platforms, and Being A DIK Season 3 APK Mod is currently in development. Being the DIK APK Install that players expect, promises not to disappoint you.

Highlights, unique of Being A DIK APK Mod

The game focuses on image icons. You can play this game on your Android or Windows device to experience the sharp graphics, like taking you to your own world.

Images bring you to reality

Once you have become a character in the game, you will feel extremely excited. Because, you seem to see a virtual world, but the feeling is strangely real. To become a real DIK, you need to choose the right character and strive to overcome all difficult challenges to complete the assigned tasks. In Being A DIK APK Mod will focus on themes like love, friendship and betrayal. Each character is designed with different personalities, missions and goals.

The graphics in the game will give you an exhilarating experience with high quality. Therefore, you need to pay attention to choose a device with an average configuration or higher, this helps you to overcome the frame rate and download speed. Please respond to this so that you can play the smoothest way.

Being A DIK Season 1 APK Mod

Creative, realistic storyline

The main character, John, loses his mother in childbirth and shares a house with his father, who is a carpenter. John met and fell in love with Josie while starting college and got a part-time job at a supermarket. The university will send a letter of acceptance to John.
Tom started entering Burgmeister & Royce University and its dormitories. However, his strange roommates Tim and Jack sometimes get into conflicts. Tim can't stand Jack's rage and has to quickly find a new place to live. Gradually, he started participating in clubs at the school.

A group of young people from the school's founders and famous and wealthy families, Kings is one of the clubs the school has created. Tall, muscular and handsome men, a club for men. Queen is a women-only club. There is also a club called DIK and a book club (Delta Iota Kappa) for lovers of literature. John must try to understand and solve the mystery in the DIK Club.

A storyline that takes you to the realities right before your eyes. You will be immersed in this mysterious game. You have to overcome many challenges with an engaging storyline, adding motivation to conquer to become a DIK APK.

Main features and new things of Being A DIK Mod APK

Main feature

  • Just download and use it for free
  • Vivid effects
  • Easy-to-use interface, multi-language
  • No third party ads

New things

  • The difficulty level of the game is reduced
  • Fix incorrect renderings purchased from Derek
  • Add new song to music menu
  • Additional attractive mini games

Being A DIK APK Mod Free Download

How to Download Being A DIK Mod APK Latest Version for Android

  • Step 1: Click on the link provided below to download.
  • Step 2: Wait about 15s-20s and click finish downloading. Then go to install Being A DIK Mod APK.
  • Step 3: Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and turn it on.
  • Step 4: On the File Manager, click Downloads > Downloads folder and tap the file to install it now.
  • Step 5: After the installation is complete. Open it up and use it now.


To summarize, Being A DIK Mod APK is a game with a creative, unique and attractive storyline that players want to try right away. Through the above article, you already have all the data, how to play and how to download. And now the game is also available on Android and Windows operating systems for players to freely experience on these smooth graphics. Download and experience it now!


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