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Beatstar Mod APK v33.0.0.350 (Unlimited gems and all unlocked)

Dec 17, 2022

Download Beatstar Mod APK - Unlimited gems and all unlocked - This is a music game worth experiencing, with attractive gameplay that will bring you moments of ultimate relaxation.

Name Beatstar - Touch Your Music
Updated 2024-03-04
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version
Size 171M
MOD Unlimited gems and all unlocked
Category Music
Developer Space Ape
Price Free
Google Play Link

Here you can immerse yourself in countless electric scales, you will be immersed in the wonderful world of music. Beatstar Mod APK promises to bring the most relaxing moments. Let's find out more details right after the article below

Beatstar Mod APK – A game for music lovers

If you are someone with an endless passion for music. If you want to relax after a long day of work with light games, and bustling with music, then Beatstar Mod APK is definitely the perfect choice. The game is for music lovers and is the ultimate game that brings happy moments after a long tiring day at work.

beatstar mod apk

Beatstar Mod APK related to rhythm. You can both entertain, play games, and enjoy attractive music tunes. Two in 1 is great, isn't it? The game's music application store is a collection of thousands of famous and latest songs of the world's top singers. You can play and enjoy at the same time. In particular, players can select songs according to their personal preferences.

What does Beatstar Mod APK have?

Beatstar Mod APK has a lot of things, providing a great and engaging experience for players. Specifically, it is:

Touch the rhythm

With Beatstar Mod APK you can not only hear but also touch those rhythms. As a rhythm game, when you play you can master your rhythms. By touching, or swiping the rhythm and vocals, every melody will change according to your actions. In other words, you will become a musician, making new and more unique songs.

beatstar mod apk all unlocked

Not only entertainment, but Beatstar Mod APK is also suitable for those who want to try and practice their ability to feel the music, feel the rhythm, and feel every day.

Rich music treasure

Beatstar Mod APK owns thousands of famous songs from many great artists in the world. Those are all the latest hits. As long as you want, you can experience the colorful music world. Play and relax with the Beatstar Mod APK game. So it's really great for those who love classical music.

The game has a diverse playlist and you can comfortably play music. Here, no one will judge you, you can freely change even if you are not a professional artist. The gameplay of the game is also very simple, you will not have any difficulty when choosing your song.

Unlock new content through levels

After each time you successfully conquer the songs of each round, the player will unlock more new songs. The more tracks, the more melodies will be provided. The higher you go, the better the music, and of course the difficulty also increases. Your job is to touch and swipe on the screen.

beatstar mod apk unlimited gems

The operation needs to be done quickly and smoothly. Beatstar Mod APK helps stimulate creativity and train players' concentration. Music is always a great spiritual gift for the mind, especially gentle music.

Sharing music and achievements

After each victory, you will be listed on the gold board. Become the best players, and overcome the most challenges. For more rewards, you should participate in music races. There you will have to face many other heavyweights. It would be great to participate and experience a lot, right? In particular, Beatstar Mod APK also has the feature of sharing achievements. You will be known all over the world through this feature.

Simple Graphics

Beatstar Mod APK has a simple graphic design. The publisher does not pay too much attention to the image part. Simple operations with black desk systems running on the screen. With an interface like this, players can focus 100% on their ability to win. However, the effect and smoothness when playing back are very impressive. Every time you swipe, the sensitivity is very high and there is no lag.

If the picture is simple, the sound of the game Beatstar Mod APK is really impressive. Beatstar Mod APK has a lively sound system, the songs are played in detail, as clear as you are listening to music from the application, not through a video game.

Summary of the main functions of Beatstar Mod APK All unlocked

Beatstar Mod APK has a lot of attractive features. Each feature brings great experiences. As follows:

download beatstar mod apk

  • New in-game music and melodies. Are the latest songs in the world
  • With just a gentle operation, swipe and touch, you can change the rhythm
  • Feel the beat through each finger to help players feel and feel the beat better.
  • There are many levels, you need to pass if you want to go to a higher level
  • When completing the rounds you will unlock more new songs.
  • Top-notch sound quality. Helping players enjoy more songs in a new way
  • Can share new music and tunes with friends. At the same time share the achievements with many people in the game community.

If you are a music lover, do not hesitate to download and experience Beatstar Mod APK today. As a cult game, attractive gameplay and top-notch music treasure will bring great relaxing moments for players.

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