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AZmovies APK Mod v1.0.8 (No ads)

Dec 17, 2022

Download Azmovies APK Mod 2023 - No ads - Latest Version - is an application to watch movies, and TV shows, especially live shows, completely free of charge.

Name A-Z Movies - Free HD Movies
Updated 2022-12-17
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 1.0.8
Size 11M
MOD No ads
Category Entertainment
Developer Moji Kaka
Price Free
Google Play Link

You are a movie lover and like to collect good movies and you always love to watch live shows but still do not know which application is right for you and your device. Currently, there are also many media applications that allow watching movies and TV shows on PC, even on mobile devices, so did you know through Azmovies APK? If you do not understand well about Azmovies APK, let's find out what Azmovies APK is like!

Introduction Azmovies APK Download Latest Version

Azmovies APK is an application to watch movies, and TV shows, especially live shows, completely free of charge. When you download Azmovies APK, you don't have to pay, you just need to have internet available. In addition, Azmovies APK has a lot of movies and TV shows that if you miss you can still watch normally in your free time, you can even download them from Azmovies APK to store and watch later.

azmovies apk 2022

If you are interested in Azmovies APK, download it by searching for Azmovies APK mod or Azmovies APK free download and enjoy, enjoy movies and attractive TV shows!

Features of Azmovies APK Mod

Free movies and TV shows

As we said above, you can download movies or TV shows completely for free, you can even watch live shows without paying a dime.

Can be used on both PC and mobile

 Surely this is a feature that few applications have at the moment because for an application to be used on two different platforms, PC and mobile, it is very difficult, but Azmovies APK can do it. This promises to be a feature that many users will love to use in the near future. I will show you how to use Azmovies APK on PC and mobile.

azmovies apk download latest version

  • After downloading Azmovies APK, you need to log in to your account when registering to use Azmovies APK.
  • You just need to enter the name of the movie you want to watch on the search box, or if you don't know the movie name you can choose the movie from our suggested list on Azmovies APK.
  • After choosing your favorite movie, you will have 2 options to watch online or download. Download speed will depend on your internet connection speed.
  • You can enjoy your favorite movie or show already.


Azmovies APK will update new movies and shows every day to help you always feel new when using. In addition, Azmovies APK also automatically recommends movies that are being voted on and scored high on the happiness chart for you. You will always be the first user to enjoy the movie. All the best movies in the world of Bollywood or Holly wood will be at your fingertips.

Easy-to-use interface

In Azmovies APK, the opening interface is easy to see and clean. When entering the movie website of Azmovies APK you can also immediately see a series of recommended movies daily in many genres such as blockbusters, sci-fi, family love, social and educational, ... So you will not have to face any inconvenience when choosing movies. 

azmovies apk free download

Moreover, the search function is also very convenient for users when you can search for movies by author's name, character, or by movie genre. The developer of Azmovies APK is taking great care of the interface of Azmovies APK.

Watch online without registration

Currently, many people are taking advantage of fake software and websites to force users to log in and then steal personal information for malicious purposes. So users are also concerned about unknown software that still forces them to log in with so much personal information.

But for Azmovies APK you can watch movies and shows online without login. This helps users not have to worry about losing personal information any more, moreover, you can quickly use the software without having to log in to the application.

Is it safe to use Azmovies APK Mod?

According to reviews from many users, Azmovies APK Mod is not completely safe. Many users of the application have reported spreading viruses or other malicious software. This problem is because Azmovies APK is the middleman for advertising information containing harmful files and spreading to your device.

azmovies apk mod

So your device needs to have a firewall or specialized anti-virus software to protect the device. The problem is that when you get to watch movies for free, Azmovies APK mod must contain ads inserted in order to earn ad income. So infection with harmful files is inevitable


The Azmovies APK mod application can completely satisfy your passion for watching movies and attractive TV shows without cost. Azmovies APK mod is also an extremely large entertainment store in the world, but the interface is still very easy to use and easy to find movies. You also do not need to register when you want to watch online to avoid the fear of information theft. 

Moreover, Azmovies APK mod is not picky about users because it can be downloaded on both PC and mobile. You also need to download software or a firewall to avoid viruses spreading from ads on Azmovies APK mod to avoid harming your device! Azmovies APK hopes you will be satisfied when using this application!

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