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Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker Mod APK v2.1.4 (Premium Unlocked)

techzapk Apr 17, 2024

Auto Clicker Mod APK is an Android app that automates repetitive taps on your screen, is easy to use, saves time and effort, and lets you set intervals and locations.

Name Auto Clicker
Updated 2023-06-28
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 2.1.4
Size 4 MB
MOD Premium Unlocked
Category Tools
Developer True Developers Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link

Auto Clicker Mod APK: An App to Automate Your Screen Taps

Tired of repetitive tapping on your Android device? Look no further than Auto Clicker Mod APK! You might also store time and effort by the use of this application to automate display screen clicks. Auto Clicker may be a useful tool while playing games that need you to continuously touch the screen or when doing jobs that demand you to perform repetitive actions.

Auto Clicker Mod APK

Intuitive Interface for Seamless Setup

One of Auto Clicker Premium APK's biggest strengths is its approachable design. Forget complex menus and cryptic options. Even non-technical users will find it easy to operate the app's simple and clean layout. Setting up automatic clicks takes just a few taps. You can define the target locations on your screen and choose the desired intervals between clicks, all within a user-friendly dashboard.

Multiple Click Points and Swipes for Complex Tasks

Auto Clicker goes beyond single-point taps. You may configure multi-point automation using it. Imagine a game that requires tapping in two different areas to act. The app can handle that! You can set it to tap or swipe in various locations simultaneously. This adaptability becomes accessible for video games or apps that require you to simulate diverse inputs or multitask.

Precise Timing Control for Natural-Looking Automation

Auto Clicker App for games Mod APK understands that not all tasks require the same tapping speed. With its granular control over timing, you can define the exact interval between taps. This enables you to design automation styles that resemble communique among people. Need rapid-fire clicks for a specific action? No problem. Or perhaps a slower, more deliberate tapping sequence is required? This app lets you fine-tune the timing to ensure your automated actions appear natural and avoid detection as cheating in games with anti-automation measures.

Auto Clicker Premium APK

Global Timer for Focused Automation Sessions

Auto Clicker Mod APK Free Download isn't just about continuous tapping. For consumers who just want automation temporarily, it provides flexibility. The global timer feature allows you to set a specific timeframe for your automated taps to run. This is perfect for situations where you need Auto Clicker's assistance for a set period within a game or to complete a repetitive task that has a defined timeframe. The global timer makes sure your automation doesn't waste battery life and stays focused.

Import and Export Scripts for Effortless Automation Reuse

Have you invested time in creating a complex automation pattern that works flawlessly? Auto Clicker won't make you recreate it every time. With the app's import and export script features, you may store your carefully thought-out automation sequences for later use. This saves a great deal of time, particularly for jobs that need to be repeated and have the same set of automatic processes. Simply export your script, and you can effortlessly import it whenever needed, saving you the hassle of reconfiguring everything from scratch.

Best Tips for a Great Experience with Auto Clicker

To optimize your experience with Auto Clicker, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Stagger Your Taps: Distribute your click points across different areas to avoid delays, especially when dealing with games or tasks that require input in multiple locations.
  • Utilize the Save Feature: Don't waste time recreating effective automation patterns. Leverage the app's save feature to store your well-defined scripts for effortless future use.
  • Maintain Balanced Speed: While faster taps can be beneficial, be mindful of games that might flag you for cheating. Maintain a human-like tapping speed for safe and undetected automation.
  • Monitor Phone Performance: The app can be resource-intensive. Watch how well your phone is doing. If you notice sluggishness, reduce the number of taps or take a break to avoid straining your device.
  • Enable Accessibility Permissions: For the app to function seamlessly, ensure you grant it accessibility permissions. This allows the app to simulate taps on your screen.

Auto Clicker App for games Mod APK

Pros and Cons


  • Effortless Control: The floating dashboard simplifies starting or stopping automated taps whenever needed.
  • No Root Required: You don't need to modify your phone's core settings (rooting) to use Auto Clicker.
  • Multifaceted Actions: The ability to perform taps and swipes in multiple locations makes it highly versatile.
  • Time-Saving: Automate repetitive tasks and give your fingers a rest!


  • Compatibility Limitations: The app only works on Android versions 7.0 and above.
  • Potential Security Concerns: Be cautious when using Auto Clicker in games, as some might detect automated actions as cheating.
  • May Affect Device Performance: Extensive use of the app can strain your device's resources, leading to slowdowns.

Alternative Apps

If you're exploring options beyond Auto Clicker, here are a few alternatives to consider:

  • Tapping - Automatic Clicker: Another user-friendly app offering automated tapping functionalities.
  • Click Assistant: Provides a wider range of features, including gesture recording for more complex tasks.
  • QuickTouch – Automatic Clicker: Reliable for repetitive tasks, without requiring root access on your device.
  • MacroDroid – Device Automation: Offers automation beyond clicking, extending to other device actions.
  • Tasker: Tasker offers strength users whole manage over automation, allowing you to manage whole workflows properly from your cellphone.

Auto Clicker Mod APK Free Download


A useful tool for Android users looking to automate repetitive screen touches is called Auto Clicker Mod APK. Because of its consumer-pleasant look and capabilities like multi-point clicks, unique timing manipulation, and worldwide timers, it's miles a beneficial device for more than a few tasks. If you're looking to save time and effort on your Android device, Download Auto Clicker Mod APK for Android and try it!

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