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App Cloner

App Cloner Mod APK v2.15.1 (For Android)

Feb 03, 2023
App Cloner

Download App Cloner Premium Mod APK Latest version and old for android This app allows you to purchase the App Cloner premium license, add-ons & make donations.

Game and App Info.
Name App Cloner Premium & Add-ons
Updated 2022-10-29
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 2.15.1
Size 31.5 MB
MOD For Android
Category Tools
Developer AppListo
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview - App Cloner Mod APK

With the help of the App Cloner Mod APK 2022, users may manage their mobile phone displays more easily. The app is an excellent option for managing bothersome displays because it has capabilities that work well with mobile devices. The program's wallpaper can be customized for the user, and there are many more functions available for them to use. 

You can make and install more copies of your current program using App Cloner Mod APK 2023. The only multi-account account that creates a true, independent, and installable clone is Application Cloner. Applications that have been cloned operate separately from their parent applications and in parallel. You can continue to use the stable version of the original software because you won't receive automatic updates.

app cloner arm mod apk

With features like password security, incognito mode, Android ID masking, or storage space spoofing, Program Cloner can enhance a cloned app. Only forcing the app to use WiFi for data access is possible. Apps can be customized in over 100 different ways, and more choices are added with each release.

When using numerous logins simultaneously in an application like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, application cloning might be helpful. However, experimenting with the app is where the real fun begins. For making new clones of applications, App Cloner Arm Mod APK provides a number of editing possibilities.

The App Cloner Mod APK free download’s name and icon can be modified. You can either eliminate the restrictions or permit the installation of clone cards on the SD card. Automatic start and alarm deactivation are both disableable.

Features - App Cloner Mod APK

Wallpaper for apps changed for security

app cloner mod apk 2023

Most people find this function to be novel, but its effects are far superior, and its advantages are plain to perceive. gives customers the option to totally swap out the application icon image for a different one to safeguard and divert potential thieves from their phones. Additionally, users can modify the application's security settings to completely enclose their private applications in security.

Go to the App Cloner Mod APK download, choose the one for which you want security to be implemented, and configure the aforementioned features. You were able to fortify each other with two layers of defense against perilous encroachments from other items. 

To help consumers reduce the chance of invasions of privacy while using their device, the first security measure is a distracting icon image that changes the attack direction of outsiders. The second security measure is an optional password layer.

Disable uncomfortable notifications

Have you ever found it irksome to receive pointless notifications from infrequently used apps? You may feel that using the device is hampered by advertisements or other notifications. You can choose to block alerts from unwanted programs with App Cloner, which will let you focus on your job or enjoyment without being interrupted.

app cloner mod apk 2022 

You will notice a change if you decide to block pointless, persistently bothersome alerts. This means that while you work, you become more focused, and the process becomes more personal. Get only the most important notifications and none of the unnecessary ones.

Simple interface

The interface is quite straightforward and tidy, with a dynamic color scheme of white and brilliant blue. The menu is simple because of the interface's simplicity. Users can still modify the way the application looks.

The Clone app is made to use data while simultaneously logging in to a mobile device. On your phone, you wish to use the App Cloner Mod APK for android. Cloned apps don't open concurrently or block additional plugins; they operate separately.

Other superb features

Although the aforementioned features are sufficient for you to be happy with the application, it aspires to provide an even better experience. It offers a variety of additional features that users will value just as much. You can totally alter the data of a certain application, eliminate the chance of an infiltration from malicious software that secretly puts your device in danger, and much more.

app cloner mod apk download

Users can entirely rely on the great security feature offered by App Cloner Mod APK premium unlocked. With such fantastic features, the application is definitely worth installing and using.


A straightforward App Cloner Mod APK latest version comes in handy for customers who want to log in to the same app using several accounts. You may quickly copy the application thanks to the simple process.

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