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ApkTool APK Mod v2.5 (Android)

Administrator Dec 17, 2022

Download ApkTool APK Mod Latest version for Android - Simple application which allows you to manage individual or batch Android package (APK) files. With this simple tool you can backup applications to your phone's SD card, uninstall or even send Android packages over e-mail.

Game and App Info.
Name APK Tool
Updated 2017-05-07
Compatible with 4.0 and up
Last version 2.5
Size 2.2 MB
MOD Android
Category Tools
Developer Spatialia
Price Free
Google Play Link

Do you ever want to quickly edit APK files? If you always seek that, the ApkTool APK is absolutely for you! APK files may be edited quickly and easily with ApkTool. The final approach involves using the APK file directly; one of the many programs made for reverse engineering resources is ApkTool.

Therefore, let’s find out everything about ApkTool APK latest version!

About ApkTool APK 2022

APK Tool is a free program made by Spatalia that falls under the Tools subcategory. This application has had over 100,000 downloads to date (information from the Google Place app market).

apktool apk

Due to the lack of an intuitive graphical user interface in legacy Android applications, ApkTool aids their developers (aka GUI).

Major operating systems are crucial to the operation of computers and mobile devices as technology develops. For mobile devices, namely smartphones and tablets, there is the ApkTool app. One billion Android smartphones have been activated as of September 3, 2013. Especially the ApkTool APK 2020 has 

What elements make ApkTool APK popular? 

Deal with the immediate issue.

As new versions of the Android operating system are released with new features and optimization choices in the ongoing struggle to achieve higher levels of features and improvements, this number keeps increasing. The creation of several applications tailored to individual users is Android's key benefit, especially the ApkTool for Android.

Knowledge requirement

The ApkTool APK online development team does not promote any potential criminal activity in this software, despite the fact that ApkTool can undoubtedly be used in certain unconventional ways. The program is used for feature adding, debugging, and testing. It is also not advised for new users to utilize ApkTool due to the level of understanding required.

For the ApkTool application to function properly, please make sure that the Java Runtime Environment (sometimes abbreviated as JRE) software is installed on your computer.

Easy to use

Many people undoubtedly believe that the interface consists just of what is visible on the product's exterior. That is accurate, but it only demonstrates a small portion of UI design, so it is actually insufficient.

apktool apk download

All buttons on electronic devices or software programs are regarded as user interfaces as long as they allow for user-product interaction. If a user interface (UI) design is poor, it may influence user engagement, lower the value of the product, and result in negative user reviews.

And yes, ApkTool APK got your back! We are sure it is easy to use. Its interface is also user-friendly and intuitive for all users.

ApkTool APK Features

  • Reassembling resources to almost their original state (including resources.arsc, classes.dex, 9.png. and XMLs).

  • Decoding resources and converting them back to binary APK/JAR.

  • APK management and organization for those that rely on framework resources.

  • Debugging in Smali (Removed in 2.1.0 in favor of IdeaSmali).

  • Assisting with routine duties

ApkTool APK Download

The Pure APK Install utility, which enables speedy and hands-free installation of APK files from your computer, can be used to do so. Additionally, Pure APK Install supports a wide variety of APKs from apps and games.

apktool for android

We highly recommend that you should have a try on the ApkTool APK latest version with many upcoming features. This application adds many high-speed virtual private networks to users around the world. Therefore, let’s download ApkTool APK now.

Moreover, you can experience the ApkTool APK mod version to have more features: 

  • ApkTool APK no ads

  • Unlimited features

  • More and more

To assure data confidentiality and legality, you can get this application from respected websites like ours.


Overall, ApkTool is a closed binary decoder for Android intermediate applications. In order to make the project easier for you to use, ApkTool APK debugs minor code in a step-by-step manner while reconstructing the project's original file structure.

Hopefully our ApkTool APK review has helped you understand more! Contact us if you need anything.

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