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Anger Of Stick 5

Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK v1.1.84 (Unlimited coins, gems and money)

Dec 17, 2022

Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK - Unlimited coins and gems - is set in the story of a city, where there is a strange, brutal group of people. They used innocent people living in the city as experimental tools. In addition, a lot of people disappeared for unknown reasons, then one of them turned into dangerous Zombies, going to cause harm, spreading disease to other people living in the city. And our main character, it is those who participate, fight this Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK game will turn into a hero, you will stand up to call your friends, other players to join in.

Name Anger of stick 5 : zombie
Updated 2023-10-30
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.1.84
Size 47M
MOD Unlimited coins, gems and money
Category Action
Developer Button E&M
Price Free
Google Play Link

In the war against those dangerous Zombies and strangers, with weapons equipped, your main task is to protect the people, the city center is at peace before the great events that strangers face has caused, kill the Zombie, pass the stage and complete the quest.

What is Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK?

Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK is an action game specializing in shooting, with attractive battles released by the J-Park family. Take the strangers coming to your city as the plot. Your city has had a lot of dead players, the rest have been transformed into crazy Zombies that cause disease and harm other innocent people in your own city because they have taken humans as test subjects for their biological drug research campaign.

As a result, many of the worst things happened. Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK game will help you transform into a superhero character, full of strength, courage, and love for the city, going with your friends will stand up to fight, Your main task is to protect innocent people and your city to be peaceful and unharmed from strangers. Here, let's dive into the content of this Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK game.

Features of the game Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK

Special game modes

The Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK game will allow you to enter the battles with extremely strong resistance with 4 special game modes worth experiencing. Four modes include Zombie mode, Main normal mode, jump mode, and Defense mode to help you defend.

But at first, when you first join this Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK game, you can only choose to play in normal Main mode. After going through the gates, and achieving the bonus that each level requires, the system will automatically unlock the next high mode. That means the difficulty level will increase, you have to face super-strong strangers and more challenges are presented to you, so you need to have better fighting skills. Depending on the different modes, you choose the weapon to equip yourself to be ready to fight.


With other games, the graphics will be used in 3D, 4D, but the graphics of this Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK game are not paid much attention by publishers, even the characters and scenes in the game The game don't look good, but you can't laugh at it because this Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK game was created simply for entertainment purposes, but there is a plus point is the brightness of the frame. Scenes in the game will fill your visual satisfaction.

Super Weapons

In the game Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK with the first unlocked weapons, it will be level 1. What you need to do is join the fight, and win to be able to unlock and upgrade them to high levels with higher damage and resistance parameters.

Here we will give you information about 3 powerful weapons including a melee system, a gun system, and even robot with damage up to 360. These superweapons will support you while fighting the bad guys and killing Zombies as best you can.

Familiar control system

When you participate in the game Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK, you will be playing the role of a stickman hero, you can use the keyboard to support the function and use the buttons that appear on the phone screen to control. Characters move, attack, destroy the evil or defend, protect yourself. The control system in the game Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK is not too strange if you have played through games of the same genre.

In Conclusion

This Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK is an interesting game that emphasizes Zombies, with quite a gameplay, character system, equipment,... Definitely, Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK will make those who love shooting games will have a new and extremely exciting feeling.

What are you waiting for, download the Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK game now to transform into a stickman hero and perform the noble mission of defending and rescuing innocent people in the city.

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Reasons to download Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK Unlimited money and diamonds:

For the default or older versions of Anger Of Stick 5, most of the special features and support tools in Anger Of Stick 5 are limited and require users to spend extra money to be able to experience all the features superior features. Understanding this, game developers have created Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK software to patch common errors in default or old versions.

Especially, when using this version of Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK, users do not have to pay any extra costs and still experience all the special features of Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK, errors in interface or functions are improved. Not only brings a better experience but also provides many tools to serve the user's purpose. Download Anger Of Stick 5 Mod APK now to experience the application most smoothly and optimally, just download it once and use it for free forever.

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