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Aim Carrom

Aim Carrom Mod APK v1.5.6 (Premium unlocked)

SeoAdam Dec 17, 2022

Aim Carrom Mod APK - Premium unlocked - is the cult finger billiards game now exclusively for Android devices possesses many outstanding features that bring more great experiences.

Name Aim Cool for Carrom Pool
Updated 2022-04-27
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.5.6
Size 17M
MOD Premium unlocked
Category Tools
Developer tangbei0727
Price Free
Google Play Link

About Aim Carrom Mod APK

Aim Carrom Mod APK has many interesting and attractive things that make it different from other games. On your mobile device, you can fully enjoy many different games such as gunfights, football, etc, but Aim Carrom Mod APK is always the number 1 choice for gamers.

Aim Carrom Mod APK is the cult Mod version of the attractive billiards game. This is a platform for players to create and design attractive carom players for themselves. With smart play strategies to create a more interesting, curious match.

When playing Aim Carrom Mod APK premium unlocked you have the opportunity to master your game, and the creativity of the steps in the game will be put to perfect use by you. Through the precise calculation of the size, the correct angle with the extended shadow lines will bring the best experience. To win you need to put the ball into the hole, the more balls the better this helps you win against the heavyweights.

Aim Carrom Mod APK can be played both online and offline. This means that if your device is not connected to the Internet, you can still play anytime, anywhere. If you want to connect and increase the experience with friends and players across the country, you can choose the online game mode.

Aim Carrom Mod APK and gameplay

Aim Carrom Mod APK's gameplay and gameplay are quite simple and easy. With smart features, even beginners can easily play and experience.

Specifically, the gameplay of Aim Carrom Mod APK is as follows: On the billiard table, there will be balls marked with different colors. Includes: 6 white pucks, 6 black pucks, and 1 red puck.

The player's task is to hit the ball into 4 holes on the edge of the table. You choose a black or white shade based on your best friend's preference.

The way to hit the ball into the hole is also quite simple without causing difficulties for players. You need to calculate the steps, angle, and force acting on the ball so that the ball goes in the right direction.

Features of Aim Carrom Mod APK

Aim Carrom Mod APK possesses many outstanding features, this is why this game is so loved. Specifically, the Aim Carrom Mod APK has the following outstanding features:

  • Owning Robot expands the scene, creating more wide angles for players to conveniently hit the ball. Since then the accuracy is also much higher
  • There is a connection option
  • Offline and online play features. This helps players to experience the game whenever they want.
  • Diverse gameplay. Players can choose to play with friends or play against other opponents in the world.
  • Is an attractive fighting game
  • AI image recognition feature brings up to 100% safety of use

  • Chance to win more battles by the precise aiming tool. You can clearly see the ball visually to ensure the ball moves most accurately, there is a higher chance of winning many matches.
  • The game is completely free. You just need Aim Carrom Mod APK free download from a reputable website to be able to play the game comfortably

How to download Aim Carrom Mod APK safely and quickly

How to let Aim Carrom Mod APK download quickly and safely is always the issue that many people are most interested in today. First, you need a reputable address to download the game, only such 3rd sites will ensure that they do not contain malicious viruses for your device.

Installation steps

To install you just need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Turn on the unknown source. First, go to “Settings” -> select “Security” and enable the Security option.
  • Step 2: Go to your Android device's download manager and click on the reputable link
  • Step 3: Wait for the download to be successful. Right now there will be 2 options displayed on your device and all you have to do is launch it quickly on your Android device.
  • Step 4: Wait for the screen to display the option and proceed with the installation according to the required instructions
  • Step 5: Click “Open” and launch the game

Pros and cons of downloading Aim Carrom Mod APK

When downloading the Aim Carrom Mod APK there will be advantages and effects on your device. You should know exactly what that is to consider whether to download and experience this game or not


  • Easy download of any website just go to the app store
  • Fast, instant, and completely free download
  • After downloading once, the game will be memorized to the device system so you can uninstall and reinstall them many times without downloading.


  • The 3rd party is not controlled, so if you choose the wrong source, it may harm your device
  • APK files are highly likely to contain viruses that can lead to devise crashes

Above is an article to share about the current popular Aim Carrom Mod APK game. This is definitely an attractive game that you should not miss this summer. Hopefully, a few minutes on the article has brought readers more useful knowledge.

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