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8 Ball Pool 5.14.5

8 Ball Pool 5.14.5 Mod APK v5.14.5 (Unlocked All, Gratis Panjang, Menu)

techzapk Nov 30, 2023

8 Ball Pool 5.14.5 Mod APK is a gameplay virtual pool with customizable cues and diverse game modes.

Name 8 Ball Pool 5.14.5
Updated 2023-11-30
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 5.14.5
Size 115 MB
MOD Unlocked All, Gratis Panjang, Menu
Category Sports
Price Free
Google Play Link

Dive into the Virtual Billiards Haven with 8 Ball Pool 5.14.5 Mod APK | A Year-Long Journey of Simple Thrills, Diverse Challenges, and a Rollercoaster of Cues

Welcome to the virtual billiards haven, 8 Ball Pool 5.14.5 Mod APK! If you've ever wished to carry a pool table in your pocket, this Android game is your dream come true. Forget about needing a big room for a real pool table; now, all you need is your smartphone or tablet to challenge world champions or shoot some virtual pool with your buddies.

8 Ball Pool 5.14.5 Mod APK

Picture this: 8-Ball Pool is the mobile version of the classic billiards game we all know and love. You've got 6 pockets, 9 to 15 object balls, and a cue stick at your disposal. The online game sticks to the traditional rules: aim at those object balls one by one using your trusty cue ball. Your mission is to beat your opponent to shoot all 8 balls. But here's the catch: you're assigned a set of striped balls based on your first successful shot. Sink the 8 ball too early, and you're out!

Attractive Points Of The Game

Simple Gameplay, Realistic Experience

The beauty of the Download 8 Ball Pool Mod APK lies in its simplicity. It mirrors real-life billiards, making it a breeze to pick up and play. No need for a Ph.D. in cue ball physics—just drag, drop, and watch those balls dance across the virtual green. It's billiards but without the chalky hands.

Entertaining Interface

And let's talk about upgrading—not your computer, but your gaming experience! Customize your table and cue stick designs, adding a dash of personal flair to your matches. The graphics are like a virtual fiesta, bursting with vibrant colors that'll make your eyes thank you for the visual treat. The controls? Intuitive and satisfying—suitable for everyone from grandma to your little cousin.

Relieve Life Pressures

In a world that sometimes feels like it's spinning faster than the 8 ball going into the corner pocket, the 8 Ball Pool is your virtual sanctuary. Built by the gaming gurus at, it's the therapy you didn't know you needed. Simple gameplay, uncomplicated rules – a digital escape hatch that's been installed on over 500 million devices worldwide.

Features Of The Game

Easy-to-Understand Gameplay

Imagine playing billiards without needing a manual thicker than a Shakespearean play. That's an 8 ball Pool Mod APK 2023 for you. Simple drag-and-drop actions let you navigate the ball to its colorful destiny. Adjust the force, tweak the angles, and voila! You're on your way to becoming a virtual pool shark.

Difficult Challenges

But don't let the simplicity fool you. As you waltz through the initial levels, the training wheels come off. Suddenly, those balls aren't sitting pretty for you to knock into oblivion. Oh no, they're strategically positioned, and your opponents? They're not your backyard buddies; they're global pool prodigies. The difficulty ramps up, and you better bring your A-game.

Download 8 Ball Pool Mod APK

Multiple Game Modes

And just when you think you've mastered the basics, 8 ball Pool Mod APK Terbaru throws a curveball—multiple game modes. From 1-on-1 face-offs to specialized challenges and 9-ball extravaganzas, there's a mode for every mood. But hold your horses. To unlock this carnival of cues and pockets, you need to strut your stuff and hit level 4.

Unlock New Billiard Sticks

What's a pool shark without a killer cue? Fear not, because 8 Ball Pool showers you with options. Standard, Victory, and Collection—pick your poison. Want the best? Work for it. Buy with coins, splash some cash, or open a mysterious box post-match. Hustle hard, and the coolest sticks in the game are yours.

Graphics and Sound

Expect no frills, just thrills. 8 ball Pool Mod APK Gratis Panjang embraces simplicity in graphics, letting the details shine. The tables change, the colors pop and it's all described with a finesse that'll have you hooked. And sound? Well, don't expect a symphony, but the built-in background music provides the perfect backdrop for your virtual billiards exploits.

Actual Experience Of The Author And Advantages/Disadvantages Of The Game

Personal Experience

Let's dive into the virtual world of 8 Ball Pool 5.14.5, and let me spill the beans on what went down during my gaming escapade. Buckle up, Android users, because this ain't your average billiards game—it's a rollercoaster of cues, balls, and some serious digital competition.

Picture this: you're lounging on the couch, phone in hand, ready to shoot some virtual pool balls. That was me, plunging headfirst into 8 Ball Pool 5.14.5. It was a nice change of pace in the game industry, I can guarantee you.

The simplicity of the gameplay hit me like a well-aimed cue ball. No convoluted rules, no complicated maneuvers. Just aim, drag, and shoot—easy peasy. I was never bored with the game, even with its basic gameplay. Every game was a calculated dance, a mental contest between global rivals.

8 ball Pool Mod APK 2023


  • Addictive Gameplay: The simplicity of the game's mechanics makes it easy to get addicted, offering quick and satisfying matches.

  • Visual Appeal: The vibrant graphics and customizable elements enhance the overall visual experience.

  • Diverse Game Modes: The availability of multiple game modes caters to different preferences, ensuring there's always a new challenge to conquer.


  • In-App Purchases: The temptation to enhance the gaming experience through in-app purchases may be a drawback for some players.

  • Skill Disparity: As you progress, facing highly skilled opponents can be challenging for those still mastering the game.

  • Limited Sound Features: The minimalistic sound system, while fitting the game's style, may leave some players wanting more immersive audio elements.

FAQs About That Game

Is It Safe To Download This Game?

In the vast digital landscape, safety is paramount. When it comes to 8 Ball Pool 5.14.5 APK Mod Menu, it is recommended to stick to official sources like the Google Play Store to ensure a secure and malware-free download., while tempting, might not guarantee the same level of security.

How Do I Download Games? might offer a tempting array of mods and versions but tread carefully. If you're determined to go down that road, here's a general guide:

  • Navigate to Use your browser to access the website.

  • Search for 8-Ball Pool 5.14.5: Locate the game in the search bar or navigate through categories.

  • Click "Download": Once you find the desired version, click on the download button.

  • Follow Instructions: Follow any on-screen instructions. Be wary of excessive redirects or requests for personal information.

  • Install with caution: After downloading, install the APK file. Ensure your device's security settings allow installations from unknown sources.

  • Remember, this method comes with risks. Always prefer official sources to safeguard your device and personal information.

Configuration Requirements To Run 8 Ball Pool 5.14.5 Mod APK Download

For optimal performance, adhere to the general specifications recommended by the official sources. These typically include a device running on a specified Android version, sufficient RAM, and storage space.

8 ball Pool Mod APK Terbaru


In the realm of mobile gaming, 8 Ball Pool 5.14.5 Mod APK stands tall as a testament to the enduring charm of billiards, proving that the thrill of the cue and the clash of balls are as exciting in the digital realm as they are on the feet of a physical table. It's time to break, aim, and conquer—the virtual pool party awaits! Whether you're a seasoned player or a casual gamer, this Android gem offers an experience that's easy to pick up yet hard to put down.

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