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Notifybuddy Premium

Notifybuddy Premium Mod APK v1.96 (No ads)

Hang Nguyen Mar 08, 2023
Notifybuddy Premium

NotifyBuddy Premium Mod APK Free Download latest version for Android. This app adds LED lights and animations to your device for every notification.

Game and App Info.
Name NotifyBuddy - Notification LED
Updated 2022-12-19
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 1.96
Size 9.3 MB
MOD No ads
Category Personalization
Developer XanderApps
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview - Notifybuddy Premium Mod APK

An inventive method of staying in contact with friends and family is through Notifybuddy Premium. When you don't want to call or text someone because you're worried about interrupting them, this is the ideal answer. Right from your phone number, you can share messages, images, videos, and other files.

download notifybuddy premium for android

Additionally, you have the choice to turn on notifications that are only for your contacts, so that you can reach them without disturbing anyone else who may be using their phone at the same time. You only need to enter your list of friends and a list of messages into the app because it is so simple to use.

You might not always be able to monitor your phone's alerts when working hard. However, if your boss sends you an extremely essential message or email and you are unable to read it, it could cause problems in the future. I really enjoy the Flash notification option on iPhone devices at times like that. Although there was no audible sound, it instantly caught my attention.

Almost all Android smartphones did not have this feature in the past. But starting with the Samsung S9, OP6T variant, the design team recognized the value of this minor but crucial feature. The most recent cellphones, however, are not available to everyone. Notifybuddy Premium Mod APK is a very useful option right now.

You must turn on the AutoStart option for this application in order to use it to its maximum potential. Verify the permissions and enable "Show on lock screen" for your program. You can utilize Notifybuddy Premium Mod APK free download  to its fullest extent with these two choices.

NotifyBuddy Premium for Android has a number of features in addition to allowing you to add multiple LED lights. For example, you will be able to modify the particular animation linked to a program. Of course, managing colors is a big detail. Therefore, users should already have the clear choice of changing colors.

Additionally, locations within the application can be edited. You can also decide whether or not you want to receive a second notification if someone misses a contact.

Features - Notifybuddy Premium Mod APK

notifybuddy premium apk free download

For parents and pupils, the Notifybuddy Premium Mod APK download is a useful resource. The fantastic features of this app make it simple to stay up to date with everything going on at school. You can access all of the information you need in one location, including the daily schedule, teacher announcements, and essential messages from the office staff.

Additionally, you will be able to monitor your scores. The best course of action is to regularly monitor your social media. A free program called Notify Buddy can assist you in carrying out that task. There are numerous characteristics, but these are a few of the most significant ones.

Choose the LED light you want

Choose the LED light you want for announcements by altering its location, size, color, and more. These customizations give your device a distinctive and personal look. The traits can be modified by the user to suit their preferences. For the registration, it has changed, so it is no longer the same.

Easy of use

Notifybuddy Premium Mod APK 2023 requires access to your local notifications because it is an outside program. When the application asks you to do something, don't think twice about saying yes.

You will need to consent to the request to display that application as soon as you open it. After that, quit any energy optimizer that is still active in the background. Now, you can select any program to get notifications via lights on the screen. The software also allows you to alter the notification light's color. But since it is obvious and highly visible, I advise using white or crimson instead. It ensures that you don't skip any crucial notifications.

Send missed contact notifications

notifybuddy premium apk latest version

Now that Notify Buddy is enabled, you can receive notifications for missed conversations. We continuously update the app and pay attention to user comments.

The text in messages from people you want to be informed about can now be highlighted! To receive alerts from Notifybuddy Premium Mod APK for android for certain words, such as school names, phone numbers, and more, highlight those words! Additionally, you have control over which applications display the highlighted words.

Grant authorization for notice access

In order to view your phone's alerts for you, Notify Buddy needs access to them. Before using the app, make sure notification access authorization is granted on your device.

This permission is essential because it allows the app to receive your notifications and send push notifications containing that data. Some App functions won't work if you refuse to give consent.


You should use this Notifybuddy Premium Mod APK latest version on your smartphone because it is fantastic. It offers many advantages. When something with your chosen person, business, or event occurs, you can set up notifications to send you an alert.

notifybuddy premium mod apk

By doing this, you can stay informed about what's occurring without frequently checking in. The only drawback is that if there are multiple notifications at once, they all arrive, so take care not to become disoriented and lose crucial information.

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