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Codename Jump APK: A Multiplayer MOBA with Anime Characters

Codename Jump APK is a thrilling multiplayer MOBA game with well-known anime characters. It offers an engaging Otome experience with various story twists, interactive gameplay, and over 200 choices.

Overview - Codename Jump APK

A multiplayer MOBA that is competitive and resembles animation is called Codename Jump APK​. There aren't many heroes at the moment, but the ones who are there are well-known, and the follow-up will get better and better. There are two circumstances right now. You can play the game and access the black battles by understanding the gameplay mechanics and map.

Players can take control of their favorite actors to compete against those from other works in epic duels. The game features many well-known characters from hot-blooded comics combined in massive dream-like combat. This project was created on the Unreal 4 engine. One of the selling features is the effects of outstanding talent and fantastic knife displays, which have also been carefully restored from the dazzling battle.

There are a lot of anime characters, new exclusive skills are revealed, and the thrilling final battle has finally arrived. Move swiftly to remove more foes while releasing devastating actions. Unending conflict, moving over a vast battlefield map, and massive attacks make me very delighted. When it comes to squad composition and offensive and defensive tactics, classic 5V5 reshapes the distinctive Moba experience.

Rhythm control assigned position, stronghold defense The rhythm of the conflict is increased, the battle is more interesting, and the battle can commence at any time. Tanks, warriors, witches, snipers... Combine talents freely to create the strongest squad and relish the thrill of taking on the enemy together.

They specialize in creating mobile visual novel games with conventional gameplay and various original narratives. One of them is Codename Jump APK free download. Players who enjoy romantic interactive Otome and mystery and hazardous components will really enjoy this game.

Your choices will impact the story's substance and alter it in several ways. Through the perspective of the main character, you will gradually sense a change in love's course, whether it be favorable or negative. Each narrative also has a variety of endings that will keep you interested in Codename Jump APK download.

Features - Codename Jump APK

Numerous story twists are pre-built

Through the Codename Jump APK english version plot twist variety, the player's astonishment will be brought closer to its peak. As a result, depending on the decisions you make, the main character will have a varied ending. 

In addition, the plot twists that arise will make the game's narrative much more intriguing and startling. In order to comprehend the main plot more fully, you can look back on what happened to the other characters. You have a better perspective and don't have to make the same mistakes again in the following play.

There are various parts to the story

Like the majority of visual novel games, Codename Jump APK for android offers players a complex narrative that is broken into numerous chapters. A lovely girl with adorable short hair will serve as the conduit for players to access the heroine's aura. Due to this, she attracts the attention of several attractive men.

In order to establish the best relationships, you must interact with each person. In interactive circumstances, a range of emotions, including happiness, grief, anger, mystery, and drama, manifest. You only need to make the decisions you want to in order to fully explore the range of emotions that this game offers.

Learn the lines of the main character

The game's primary character lines are not very varied, yet they are enough to elicit a wide range of feelings from you. With type names like Adam, Dante, Owen, and Aria, they are all attractive men. You can engage with each guy in a variety of ways because they are all absolutely different in terms of appearance and personality. 

The visuals displayed on the screen represent each in a very distinctive way. The messages and stories each character is attempting to tell will become clearer as you spend a lot of time with them.

Make a choice and be the heroine

Players can approach interactive game situations in Codename Jump APK no ads from the viewpoint of a stunning female. You'll introduce the character right away and begin the story with their name. The game's interactive elements will be represented by recognizable chat bubbles. 

You will depend on the dialogue displayed on the screen to decide what to do in each circumstance. There will thus be two to three options available to you in each circumstance. The appropriate decision will assist you in positively developing the main tale and vice versa.

Examine more than 200 choices

Players have two to three options in each situation in Codename Jump APK 2023. You can be sure that all of these options will stay true to the topic of the original query. 

More than 200 various options have been made accessible for players to freely discover the available content in this game so far. For a more engaging experience, the number of options will undoubtedly rise dramatically in the upcoming releases.


You will most certainly have engaging Otome experiences with Codename Jump APK latest version. This game's intriguing, in-depth material will wow you with its various options. Naturally, you must consider your options carefully before acting in each unique circumstance.